overhit tier list available

Overhit Tier List

This Overhit tier list is another tier list for the Global server. This Overhit tier list was developed by players who committed some of the time into the games. Along these lines, the evaluation, just as the investigation of characters, can be abstractly right or wrong. Since again because the game is still in its beginning period. Along these lines, the tier list will have a few changes after at times.

overhit tier list available

Note to players who utilize the Overhit Tier List

  • Utilize the SEARCH work either on your program or at the table will help you A LOT!
  • Numerous units who are not top-tier right now still used as a rule (and some of the time liked). You ought to consistently organize who you appreciate playing.
  • This table of the tier list is advanced to be utilized on cell phones. Notwithstanding, for best permeability, it is strongly prescribed to utilize this table in the work area.
  • This is the Global OverHit tier list made by Discord part Raz. Because of his difficult work, we can have a smart thought about which units are acceptable and what we ought to utilize in the event that we are novices.

The legends/characters are evaluated dependent on the accompanying:

  • Battle – How helpful they are during story mode
  • Field – How great they are in offense
  • Assault – How great they are against Raid Boss

For the Arena, your characters will concentrate more on continue, single objective burst harm, just as debuffs and other irritating things like that in light of the fact that here you will battle different players fundamentally – so you need overly solid units, regardless of on the off chance that they are AoE or not.

  • S Tier: Angelo, Ophelia, Leika, Teze, Aglaea
  • A+ Tier: Ash, Sophia, Helena, Ludmila.
  • A Tier: Yggdrasil, Blossom.
  • B Tier: Demian, Hien, Luna, Ren, Shoumei, Elphie.
  • C Tier: Jinkai, Gleck, Esta, Jasper, Edmund, Alex, Celesta, Emodin, Beatrice.
  • D Tier: Malpion, Colette, Gordon, Reiz, Unknown.
  • D-Tier: Aria, Jack.

Overhit – Best SR Characters

AglaeaWaterP.RangeOnly obtainable through Ancient Gacha
AlexLightP.Tank6.5Decent Light Tank with Barrier to self
AngeloDarkM.Range9.5Powerful AOE to 4(5) units

Try to MLB him to stay powerful

Useful for PVP and PVE
AriaWaterP.Melee5You get 1 from campaign

She’s pretty weak for a SSR
AshFireP.Melee9Attack Down, Burn

Farmable Shard

MLB to unlock +45% ATK
BeatriceWindP.Melee6.5Decent damage dealer
BlossomFireM.Range8.5Great AOE with Burn and Def Down

Useful for PVP and PVE
CelestaWindP.Range7.5Damage dealer with Def Break and Bleed
ColetteWaterM.Range8Alone, she’s pretty decent damage dealer with some utility

Pair with Reiz to get 100 Freeze Link Skill for 18 seconds
DemianDarkM.Tank8Decent Dark Tank with Self-healing

I believe he is nerf badly on global
EdmundWindM.RangeOnly obtainable through Ancient Gacha
ElphieFireM.Heal8Decent healer with great utility

Buffs ATK and removes debuff
EmodinWaterP.Tank7.5Decent tank with ATK break and Barrier
EstaFireP.Range7Able to deal fix damage
GleckDarkP.Tank7Small chance to stun

Good for PVP
GordonFireP.Tank6ATK break

Lacks self sustain for a tank
HelenaLightM.Heal9.5Very strong Healer with x5 AOE Heals

Resurrect and Barrier
HienFireP.Melee8Decent damage dealer with ATK break
JackLightP.Range6.5Very good when against Dark enemies (Raid)
JasperLightP.Range7.5Decent AOE damage dealer
JinkaiLightP.Tank7Decent Light Tank with Barrier to self and Taunt
LeikaWindP.Melee9Great AOE damage dealer

Link with Ren to farm HM 8-10
LudmillaFireM.RangeOnly obtainable through Ancient Gacha
LunaWaterM.Range7.5Decent Magic DMG dealer

Good Link skill with Sophia

Party with someone that can freeze to deal additional dmg
MalpionDarkP.Melee6Average free unit

Link skill with Ash but single target
OpheliaWindM.Tank8Build her for your 8-10 team

Absorb damage for party

Get her Grimoire for self-sustain
ReizWaterM.Melee8Decent free unit with 100% Freeze

Good for Fire raid

Pair with Luna to maxmize damage on raid boss
RenWindP.Melee8.5Decent free unit with 100% Poison

Good for 8-10 and Water Raid

Link Skill with Leika for more damage
SophiaLightM.Heal9Heal and Ressurect

Good Starter
TezeDarkP.Melee9Powerful Single Target damage

Great Leader skill for Mono Dark team
UnknownDarkP.Range7For a main Antagonist, he is really weak…
YggdrasilWindM.Heal9.5Powerful Healer with CD reduction

Good for 8-10 farm

I am just going to make reference to a couple of the best SR characters which you ought to get on the grounds that I don’t believe it merits experiencing every one of them. You may just need to utilize 1-2 of them at any rate on your groups (and possibly 1-2 more on the PvP group) so here they are:

  • The Best SR Heroes worth getting for Campaign Mode: Cicero, Proxy, Nekoroid, Darkhell, Victoria
  • The Best SR Heroes worth getting for Arena: Cicero, Proxy, Darkhell and perhaps Nekoroid.

Every saint has 2 dynamic capacities and administration capacities. Dynamic capacities can be moved up to build the quality or adequacy of a capacity. To open the redesigning of aptitude levels, a legend must have its level top raised in any event once. Higher tier aptitude opens require more elevated level tops.

This would be it for our Overhit tier list of all the best characters in-game! Whom have you added to your groups? Tell us down in the remarks segment beneath and remember to investigate our Overhit game manual to get familiar with how you can improve the legends once you obtained them!

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