Grand chase tier list available here

Grand Chase Tier List

Welcome to our Grand Chase Tier List! Right now, I will attempt to pinpoint the best Heroes in Grand Chase isolated by classes. In each class, we will completely portray Top Tier Heroes however we won’t rank them since each Hero right now an exceptional range of abilities that improves him and more grounded than the rest.

We will probably assist you with understanding which Heroes are the best in the game and whom you should utilize when the occasions come. So fundamentally, this is a list of Top Tier Heroes in Grand Chase. We trust that you will locate our Grand Chase Tier List supportive, particularly on the off chance that you are new to the game. Appreciate!

GrandChase shares more for all intents and purpose with other well-known gacha games than the first MMO, however, that doesn’t make it any less one of a kind. Most prominently, it gives away more important crushing experience than its partners and a very reasonable and adjusted F2P model.

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Grand Chase Tier list

Finding a workable pace game isn’t excessively hard from the outset, however in the wake of clearing the initial barely any stages, you will become overpowered with questions and choices, so it’s ideal to gain proficiency with the intricate details right off the bat, without squandering any of those valuable early game prizes.

Grand chase tier list available here

NameRankRolePvEPvPDimensional Boss
LassSRAssault SSSSSS
ElesisSRAssault SSSS
DioSRAssault SSSA
Sieghart SRAssault SSB
Captain BoarSGuardianBSSC
Dark NephilimSMageAAA

Tank Heroes

  • Ronan With every adversary strike against Ronan, their harm is diminished making Ronan fit for enduring even the deadliest assaults. Ronan is picked for the Grand Chase Tier List which is as it should be!
  • Jin was conceived in the Sliver Land Kingdom and he was a troublemaker who delighted in playing in the town square making other kids his subordinates. Jin merited his place in Grand Chase Tier List since his essence on the war zone changes the chances right away.
  • Zero is the proprietor of an incredible Demon Sword Grandark who looks for retribution against Ancient Demon Duel who uses a strong Eclipse. He is very difficult to murder which is the motivation behind why he is put on Grand Chase Tier List.
  • Asin who is otherwise called Blue Fox is a kid who met renowned Silver Knight Asin Tarin when he was severely harmed. He is an extraordinary expansion to any group, in this manner, he should be referenced in Grand Chase Tier List

Healer Heroes

  • Amy was conceived in Silver Land rapidly getting probably the most youthful possibility for Oracle. After the pulverization of Silver Knights’ home office, she chose to travel north and join the Grand Chase.
  • Lime is the individual from Holy Knights who has been lost after the fight in Holy Kingdome. Not long after from that point forward, she went over the Grand Chase that spared her and permitted her to battle with them.
  • Serdin is the individual who accumulated the rest of the overcomers of the Kounat Kingdom which was pulverized by an incredible blast and set up another realm called Serdin in the Bermesiah mainland after a long journey.
  • Sachi is the baffling artist from the Desert. She is once in a while observed and possibly shows up when somebody is lost in the Desert to restore him with her moving. She is set on Grand Chase Tier List which is as it should be!

This finishes up the Grand Chase Tier List. We referenced the entirety of the best Heroes in the game and we attempted to disclose to you their in-game mechanics. We trust that you delighted in however on the off chance that you have any worries or recommendations, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

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