girls x battle 2 tier list

Girls X Battle 2 Tier List

Right now, we rank the best characters from Girls X Battle 2 in levels dependent on how incredible a character is. A few components choose the position of each character, including details, power, place in a group, handiness, and that’s just the beginning.

Moreover, we’ve made this level rundown a blend of both PvE and PvP, so as to make it simpler for players to discover direction while picking which characters to utilize and spend assets on. Intel assembled to assemble this rundown comprises of assessments of top players, the Girls x Battle 2 friction, the Girls x Battle 2 subreddit, in-game details, and the Taiwanese discussion.

Be that as it may, likewise with all our level records, we prescribe you utilize this level rundown as direction, not a flat out when assembling your group, as cooperative energies and combos frequently overrule singular potential.

Table of Contents

What is Girls x Battle 2?

Girls x Battle is a one of a kind RPG portable game wherein players make groups of warriors to battle foe groups in PvE or PvP. An exceptional part of the game is that each character in the game is female as its name recommends. Xiao Junyun is the engineer and distributor of this title. Since you acquire compensates latently in the game, in any event, when you don’t play it, Girls x Battle 2 falls under the class Idle RPG.

girls x battle 2 tier list


Level 1 Characters

  • Forefront: Fencer, Wildtress, Ennmaya (can be either Front or Back), Ashely, Sonya, Alice, Masamune, Bud Elf
  • Back Line: Gambler,, Wu Kong, Sapphire, Giana, Dracula, Iron Fist, Succuba, Saint, Hottie, Blowie, Caitlyn, Javelin, Priestess, Hexa, Nobunaga, KongMing, Beary, Lucifer, Scythe, Amelia, Michael, Gabriel, Angel

Level 2 Characters

Under this area, I have put the girls that are acceptable, yet not tantamount to the ones under Tier 1. I for one use Zombie for everything and she is one of my top picks, yet in no way, shape or form, she is the best. That is the reason I have put her under the Tier 2 class alongside others.

  • Forefront: Assassin, Zombia (can be Front or Back), Chevalir, Boxer, Quinie, Muppet, Silvia, Medusa, Chainsaw, Calista
  • Back Line: Cynthia, Flash, Librarian, Guan Yin, Geisha, Lily, Toyo, Nia, Lightin, Nun, Aquaris, Pandaria, Susan, Amazon, Elvis, Annie, Selene

Girls X Battle 2: Tier 3 Characters

They can be acceptable yet are not my top choices. A werewolf can be truly solid once overhauled, however with the end goal for that to occur, you should contribute a considerable amount. That is the reason I have placed her in Tier 3. In the event that you can show signs of improvement girls than these, at that point put it all on the line!

  • Cutting edge: Ninja (can be Front or Back), Bidenty, Sonya, Silvia, Ada,
  • Back Line: Nona, Werewolf, Hoxie, Hypatia, Nagia, Miya, Diva, Omega, Anna, Liz, Nani, Lavia, Himoto, Zoe, Lisa, Toy Girl, Andro

You should keep all the 3-star girls that you get and use them for this reason alone without leveling them up. You will get many from the shop and from cultivating the territories which give young lady sections, so don’t fuss about it to an extreme.


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