Elune Tier List

Elune Tier List

This Elune tier list ranks the best legends, known as Elunes, in tiers depending on how amazing as well as valuable they are. Intel accumulated to assemble this tier list comprises information from the Elune subreddit, just as suppositions from experienced players of the game. In any case, as the game is still in an early stage, we expect this tier list to change a reasonable piece.

Besides, we have excluded all Elite and Rare Elunes, as we haven’t found any sources who have had the option to test all Elunes yet. Along these lines, we invite contribution on which rank you accept certain Elunes ought to have, even those we’ve just put on the list.

While making your group in Elune, we prescribe thinking about more than the individual capability of each Elune. Jobs and cooperative energy regularly triumph the intensity of a solitary unit. Be that as it may, this tier list is the extraordinary direction when searching for Elunes to fill explicit jobs. Notice, this is a general tier list, which empowers players to rapidly increase a diagram of the capability of Elunes.

What is Elune?

Elune is a procedure turn-based RPG portable game created by Gamevil. The goal of the game is to beat levels of foe units and ground-breaking managers. Characters in Elune are known as Elunes, of which there is in excess of 100 aggregate for players to gather.

Elune Tier List

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An Elune is just in the same class as its apparatus and what level of Transcend they are. Basing them off of no rigging sets or rise above level radically changes how helpful they are. New players might be utilizing an inappropriate set or perhaps simply clicking Auto prepare. They likewise maybe step up inappropriate aptitudes and squandering expertise jewels by simply following the ones proposed rather than which ones that would be the best.

Best Debuffers:

  • 1. Mikazuki – Legendary
  • 2. Chloe vann – epic
  • 3. reina – Epic
  • 4. Sally – Rare

Best Supporters:

1. Wei Wei: Legendary
2. Lam: Rare
3. Mana: Epic

Best Elune Healers

1. Freya: Legendary
2. Fabian: Epic
3.Eun: Epic

Elun S Tier List

1. Reve
2. Mikazuki
3. Chloe
4. Kang rim
5. Eris
6. Stella
7. Reina
8. Arslan
9. Baldr
10. Caroline

A Tier

1. Owen
2. Enme
3. Mana
4. Fabian
5. Nika
6. Miho
7. McCarthy
8. Lescar
9. Gaonsari
10. Sally
11. Eun
12. Kai


1. Baek Wanjo
2. Baron J
3. Michelle
4. Victoria
5. Skadi
6. Catherine
7. Taya

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