Dragalia Lost Best Adventurer – Tier List

Dragalia Lost Tier List

Adventurers crude force in a vacuum. Rather, it shows what Adventurers are generally mainstream and ready to clear end game substance, Master High Dragon Trials specifically. A higher level unit will have a simpler time seeing gatherings and is considered as the top decision for their individual substance.

A lower-level unit may be feasible however will make some harder memories finding a gathering ready to take them. All things considered, putting resources into a level 1 Adventurer will make movement simpler and smoother than a lower-level one.

Guided by a couple of presumptions:

  • High harm yield is supported to abstain from timing out on journeys.
  • The rundown applies to customary Dragon Trails, Imperial Onslaught, Challenge Battles, and essential Raids.
  • Accelerating manager cycles helps both with expanding harm and diminishing assaults to the gathering. In this manner, Force Strikes and aptitudes that rebuff Overdrive or break are regularly preferred over ability, for example, Gauge Inhibitor.
  • The Adventurer is constrained by the player.
  • Status Resistances are contrasted with the conditions normally beset by the contradicting component.
  • Experiences are thought to be completely unbound with complete Mana Circles and the detail rewards of 5 stars weapons. Explicit gear from the Gacha (Dragons and Wyrmprints) is forgotten about because of the arbitrary idea of calling.

An Adventurer’s situation inside a level doesn’t depict whether they’re preferable or progressively well known over another Adventurer at a similar level.

Level 0

This level is for Adventurers that go past characterizing the meta to breaking it. They are so overwhelmingly amazing that they twist methodologies and ongoing interaction around them. These characters are consistently on meta and are frequently so amazing that in community modes products will be run. In a perfect world, they most likely wouldn’t exist.

Level 1

The Adventurers that make it up. They’re not broken, however, they are found in pretty much every away from the troublesome substance at the forefront and are well on the way to effectively discover a spot in a Pick-Up gathering.

Level 1.5

Adventurers right now scarcely beneath those in Tier 1, yet for reasons unknown, they’re marginally less preferred. They can be utilized to clear the most troublesome substance in the game. You can discover get bunches with these Adventurers, however, it might take a little tolerance contrasted with an impeccably on meta decision.

Level 2

These Adventurers could clear the most troublesome substance, yet either somewhat more speculation or ability or exertion is required to do as such, and accordingly, they see essentially less play in the community or are as often as possible ignored for Tier 1 and Tier 1.5 Adventurers while making a group. Frequently, there is another Adventurer that just carries out their responsibility, however better.

Level 3

These Adventurers have some genuine blemish keeping them down, or a metagame that just renders their pack or protections futile. They can at present do their fair share, yet it would be essentially simpler just to utilize another Adventurer. It will be a genuine test to discover a pickup bunch ready to play with you in end game substance when utilizing these Adventurers.

Level 4

Various imperfections or a metagame that has left these Adventurers in the residue win a position right now. Generally, end game substance is just out of these characters to get a handle on except if they are by one way or another conveyed by a group of more meta Adventurers, even with a precarious venture.

Level 5

Basically, these Adventurers smell. Their packs are truly defective and their handiness is sketchy best-case scenario. Get gatherings will keep away from you no matter what, and pre-made will just bring these Adventures along as a joke or to flex on content. Indeed, even with the best venture, they’re not equipped for performing at the level important to clear end game substance.

Dragalia Lost Best Adventurer – Tier List

Dragalia Lost Best Adventurer – Tier 1

Fire: Mikoto
Water: Lily and also Xander
Wind: Maribelle
Light: Hildegarde and also H. Elisanne
Darkness: None

Dragalia Lost Best Adventurer – Tier 2

They are not as good as tier 1´s adventurer, but they are still really good ones. If you have them in your team will be most of the times a great choice:

  • Fire: Naveed, Ezelith and also Verica
  • Water: Xainfried, Karina and also Orsem
  • Wind: Louise, Musashi and also Lowen
  • Light: Julietta
  • Darkness: Kleimann and also Orion
    (Be aware that in the actual meta the Darkness elemental is the weakest)

Dragalia Lost Best Adventurer – Tier 3

  • Water: Elisanne, Celliera and also Luther
  • Wind: Hawk, Eleonora and also Aeeleen
  • Light: Amane
  • Darkness: Nefaria and also Zace

Dragalia Lost Best Adventurer – Tier 4

  • Fire: Xania
  • Water: Ricardt
  • Wind: Melody
  • Light: H. Althemia, Ryozen, Linus and also H. Edward
  • Darkness: Cleo, Althemia, Edward, Rodrigo, Vida and also Vice

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