brawl stars tier list

Brawl Stars Tier List

This Brawl Stars Tier List is as of now the best hotspot for players at high trophies to figure out which ones are the best Brawlers in the game at this moment. From the outset, we will give you the Overall Tier List all things considered.

  • S – Excellent: Excellent on practically all maps/comps; Best choices for randoms.
  • A – Great: Great on most maps and comps; Okay with randoms.
  • B – Good: Maps and comp subordinate; Team enthusiastically prescribed.

Next, you can look down underneath to see more subtleties of each Game mode tier list with a point by point clarification.

  • Brawlers not indicated are not serious.
  • This list depends on the parity
  • This Brawl Stars tier list is for serious meta.

The accompanying Brawlers were positioned into their particular Tiers utilizing the accompanying criteria:

  • Usability For Beginner and Intermediate Players

Brawlers with direct aptitudes and capacities are positioned higher since they are more qualified for more up to date and middle of the road players, permitting them to learn and ace the ropes of the game.

  • Better Stats Are Ranked Higher

Brawlers with high details, for example, amazingly high HP or DPS, are positioned higher since they are more qualified for battling. These Brawlers can without much of a stretch annihilation different Brawlers, or at any rate, can outlive them in a fight.

  • Adequacy Of Super Attack and Star Power
  • Brawlers that have exceptionally helpful Super Attacks and Star Powers are positioned higher since they will be valuable to escape difficult spots, bolster partners, bargain the last blow, or more!

The Overall Brawl Stars Tier List

  • S Tier: Carl, Bibi, Gene, Brock, Penny, Barley, Bo, Rosa, Leon
  • A Tier: Pam, Darryl, Crow, Spike, Colt, Nita, Piper, Ricochet
  • B Tier: Bull, Poco, El Primo, Frank, Mortis, Dynamike, Shelly, Tara, Jessie

Brawl Stars Tier List is moving from the B tier up into the brilliant S tier position, supplanting Gene. Presently, a great deal of overwhelmed dangers has gotten at nerfs including Gene, Carl, and Rosa, permitting Bibi to truly sparkle. She offers steady strain to foes with her high wellbeing amazing DPS and novel knockback capacity. Her expanded survivability has made the postpone that is related to her customary assault to a lesser degree an obligation in 1v1 communications, permitting her to truly flourish.

brawl stars tier list

Here we have the general tier list. The main thing you’ll see is that Carl is in reality still the main brawler in form 13 of the tier list. He was S tier or brilliant S tier and now he’s S tier or A tier in each and every mode. Bibi has additionally climbed from the base of the A tier to the highest point of the S tier.

Bo has moved from the A tier up into the S tier. Penny additionally moved from B tier as far as possible up into the S tier. Another remarkable notice is Bull moving from the A tier down to the B tier. For the last two brawlers, we have Tara and Jessie. Curiously enough, Shelly’s near the base notwithstanding her star power buff.

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