Archero tier list 2020

Archero Tier List – Weapons and Ability

Our Archero Abilities and Tier List direct highlights the entirety of the accessible aptitudes in the game! We’ve additionally assembled a positioning framework that shows which are commonly the top decisions to make when you are playing Archero.

As the shots are homing and to some degree moderate, things like corner to corner bolts will all focus on a solitary objective with genuinely high achievement. Get corner to corner bolts and you’ll about triple your harm! This staff will positively be the foundation of intriguing systems to be created with regards to the future and therefore merits a spot high on the rundown. In any case, one significant drawback is that the shot is huge and splendid and in this manner causes such a great amount of bedlam on the screen it’s difficult to track and evade adversary shots.

Archero Tier List

Remember that the level rundown is a general take a gander at capacity quality over the entirety of the sections. Certain capacities fluctuate in quality as you get further into the game. We utilized this as a kind of perspective for some assistance in making our rundown. Later game aptitudes still can’t seem to be added to the rundown!


  • Ricochet
  • Multishot
  • Front Arrow
  • Fun Arrow
  • Penetrating
  • Partner
  • Slanting Arrows


  • Side Arrows
  • Assault Speed Boost
  • Crit Master
  • HP Boost
  • Shield Guard
  • Jolt
  • Fire Strike


  • Back Arrow
  • Headshot
  • Soul Multishot
  • Soul Front Arrow
  • Harmed Touch
  • Fire Circle
  • Ice Circle


Soul Crit Boost

  • Soul Attack Boost
  • Soul Attack Speed Boost
  • Soul Diagonal Arrows
  • Toxic substance Circle
  • Jolt Circle


  • Heavenly Touch
  • Solid Heart
  • Ice Sword
  • Toxic substance Swords
  • Jolt Swords


  • Shrewd
  • Demise Bomb
  • Demise Nova

Our Archero Tier List Features all the level rundown of weapon, capacities, legend, and gear as of now accessible in the game. You can likewise check each itemized guide and positioning of them when a ton of anonymous Archero Tier List wandered the entire web, we’ve been keeping quiet. Additionally, We didn’t hurriedly make a problematic rundown just to drive a few deals. To us, it is imperative to do things directly than do things quickly.

Archero Tier List – Equipment

Tier S:

Armor – Vest of Dexterity: +7% Dodge & +20% Redheart Healing Effect & also Lightning Splash enemies
Pet – Laser Bat: The Laser penetrates walls
Ring – Serpent Ring: +Damage to Ranged Units
Bracelet – Frozen Bracelet: Freezes enemies when entering a new room
Locket – Angel Locket: Revive & also Invincible when dying

Tier A

  • Armor – Golden Chest Plate: +5% Damage resistance & +20% Redheart Healing Effect & also Flame Damage enemies
  • Pet – Scythe Mage: Throws a scythe
  • Ring – Bear Ring: +Damage to Ground Units
  • Bracelet – Blazing Bracelet: Burns enemies when entering a new room
  • Locket – Agile Locket: + Dodge if HP<20%

Tier B

  • Armor – Phantom Cloak: +10% Projectile resistance & +20% Redheart Healing Effect & also Freezes & Damage enemies
  • Pet – Living Bomb: AoE Damage and also slows enemies
  • Ring – Falcon Ring: +Damage to Air Units
  • Bracelet – Split Bracelet: Spawns shadow clones when entering a new room
  • Locket – Bulletproof Locket: – Projectile Damage if HP<20%

Tier C

  • Armor – Void Robe: +10% Crash Damage resistance & +20% Redheart Healing Effect & also Poisons enemies
  • Pet – Elf: Fastest attack speed and also high DPS
  • Ring – Wolf Ring: +Damage to Melee Units
  • Bracelet – Thunder Bracelet: Lightning Damage when entering a new room
  • Locket – Iron Locket: – Collision Damage if HP<20%

I’m including the entirety of the official depictions of every capacity, and I’m additionally going to be attempting to remember a short piece of additional data for every one of the capacities. A few capacities aren’t opened until after you complete certain sections, so you may see some recorded.

In general, in case you’re just putting resources into one weapon, it’s imaginable best to go with the Death Scythe, Brightspear, or Stalkerstaff. Every weapon has its own upsides and downsides and you may have your own inclinations dependent on playstyle so obviously, play what you like over whatever else. Be that as it may, in any situation, I energetically prescribe maintaining a strategic distance from the Brave Bow as it’s the just a single I would state isn’t suitable for most extreme advancement.

Archero tier list 2020

The knockback guards you! Specifically, it is valuable for thumping back foes when pushing for another high score in levels where you can’t execute adversaries rapidly and need to fend foes off.

As the shots are homing and to some degree moderate, things like corner to corner bolts will all focus on a solitary objective with genuinely high achievement. Snatch inclining bolts and you’ll almost significantly increase your harm!

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