Fix Kodi Stream Authorization Solution

A vast range of Kodi users stream online and makes an extra load on the Kodi. To confine the excess of users and deplorable traffic the providers have come up with well known between all the internet users for its amazing features.

This allows the user to download any kind of online content like series, drama, TV shows, movies and so on. Streaming these chancy links or contents may be hazardous for your IP. The most consummate solution for the maintenance of the services is It provides the host movies successfully. To access this streaming, the users need to validate the IP.

This article will give you all the solutions of your problems. The Virtual Private Network or VPN is a saviour for your IP address. VPN will work as a cloak of your IP and let you stream contents from the miscellaneous IP addresses.

No doubt, this is a masterstroke to surf your desirable contents on the software “Kodi” without any interruption. There is a long list of VPNs available on the Internet. But, IPVanish seems to be the ideal VPN for streaming on Kodi.

How to fix  stream authorization

This method consists of the forthright authorization from the providers. Just follow the step to complete the method.

Step 1: start the browser in your device. You will receive an URL flashing on the Kodi.

step 2: Click on the URL (the URL is “https://“)

If are a user of firestick, then you may not access the URL. You have to take other devices to open the URL and connect the device to the router. This will validate the IP address. Do not change the router in the time of connecting your device.

Step 3: Now activate the streaming by fixing the captcha. You will get and message for the confirmation and afterwards, you can stream the contents for 4 hours.

  1. Disable the hosters:

This is another way to solve the stream authorization error. Follow the process through these simple steps.

The process to disable:

Step 1: Click on the left and go for the add-ons. Make a right-click on that and proceed for the settings.

Step 2: Here you will get the “playback” option. Go for this option.

Step 3: under the file-hosting filters, you will get an option “hosters with captchas”.  Click on that to disable this option.

This will lead to incapacitating the unwanted captchas with the hosters and reduce the links fetched on it. Users need to do this for each add on to stream the content.

  • By URL Resolver:

Some users have more than two add-ons for videos. Disabling the captchas for each will take a lot of time. Here is the simple trick to get rid of this time-consuming work. By configuring the URL resolver, you can filter the links and block the unwanted host sites with their captchas.

Step 1: Go to the settings and then system settings. and switch the expert mode.

Step2: In add on option, you will find “manage dependencies“. click on it.

Step 3: Go for the configuration of URL Resolver.

Step 4: Users will get the resolvers 1to rest resolvers, alphabetically.

Step 5: Select any of the resolvers and disable the hosters with captcha.

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