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[TFT] Team Fight Tactics Cheat Sheets

Games are often the perfect way to spend some great time and it can be simplified quite a good way to entertain ourselves in our own way. Well, the market is loaded with plenty of games that none of us will be bored. Games are fun and entertaining both in their own way and not everyone would like or love to play games. There are few people who don’t actually play games, or sometimes these people are called boring though.

Well, one such game that we are actually discussing right here is the team fight tactics. Many of you from the gaming and the entertainment world might have surely heard about the game called Team fight tactics that is actually the perfect and the most entertaining game that will no more cause any boredom to all the gamers out there.

However, there are many such games that simply is the right entertainer and yes as you already know here we are talking about team fight tactics. Winning and crossing all the stages both easy and difficult stages could be quite tricky and of course, easy stages can be crossed easily but challenging stages can be somewhat and somewhere difficult as well. Along with the game knowing we can also know about the cheat codes that can be simply used in the game.

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A little about Team fight tactics

Team fight tactics are all about a strategy game which involves everything about auto battling and it is the game that has been developed and designed by Riot Games, one of the most popular game developer in the gaming industry and market. However, only if you know this particular game was actually released as League of Legends in the game mode and it was specially released for macOS and Microsoft Windows platforms and users only. The game was officially released and distributed in June 2019.

TFT Character sheet

However, this specific game will soon be released for android and iOS devices as well in the year 2020. The gameplay is pretty much perfect and a bit of entertaining as well. Of course, as the game is totally about strategies to be made and to win, Team fight tactics involves strategies and game plans that could be pretty much perfect for the players to enjoy the game and have fun on the whole. Speaking about the gameplay, we have also mentioned the exact gameplay of this particular game Team fight tactics that would explain everything to you.

Team fight Tactics Gameplay

This game is totally based on the Dota Auto Chess and Dota 2 that plays as the perfect game centres that gathers around almost 8 players wherein they would have to fight to survive and to win. However, the gameplay is actually about standing alone at the end of the game, and the player who is standing would absolutely win the game or would eventually win the team as well. Also, the battlefield also has got the hexagons that the players can tactically navigate and play it from their side of the game as well.

The battlefield in the gameplay does consist of players who are strategically playing with the help of hexagons that have been set up in the gameplay in order to eventually win the game though. The players will actually keep the strategically place the players as according to the game boards and will eventually navigate between the rounds.

Each and every round a small battle will be started and one has to win over that particular round to win the game and that simply means being with the teams to win standing alone at the end.

However, the fight involves playing with the fighters’ one on one and where the two players can actually fight just simply. The end of this particular fight will involve or result in the players who are left at the end of the fight or the game.

This also indicates that the other champions must determine the health of the players and eventually the losing players as well. The deducted health of the player who has won and have a stand-alone in the fight at the end, and this will also determine who is the winner of the game or the fight at the end.

Tactics and the cheat sheets

Well, if you know there is a feature called a shared draft, which actually means in every few rounds, and here in this play the players will have access to all the rounds and to the champions and their rotations as well that will be helpful to select out of from. With this shared levels, the players whoever has a low level of health can simply choose the winner of the level and the game.

The game consists of a few cheat sheets that would be pretty much helpful for the players to win the game and cross the stages as well and some of the best cheat sheets are mentioned below.

  • 15 attack damage, is the code when you want to kill or assist more attacks and yes this particular code goes on for the infinity times.
  • Champ revival, this actually helps in reviving the champions and the players in the game.
  • +25 armour is the perfect one for reviving the champions after every 2 seconds. This also involves that the damage in the player is removed and it is known as magic damages.
  • For health, you can use, the code at the beginning in between the spaces with the %20 speed and the attack.
  • +25 magic resist, this helps in healing the attacked damages and wounds by 45% overall.
  • If you want to directly fight and combat the enemy then you can simply make use of +25 resist magic which would be the perfect option as well.


Well, here we have got all the details and information about the game mode team fight tactics cheat sheets and even the cheats have been mentioned which could be useful for you to survive.

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