Skyrim console commands

Skyrim Console is one of the prominent equipment which players use to enter the cheats into the game. And this you will have to do is for entering Skyrim cheats into the PC commands console, hit (or key above the tab) for bringing up the developer console. These codes help in getting the desired effects.

Table of Contents

Some prominent Skyrim consoles

  • TAI – it is toggling combat AI on/off)
  • TDetect – it toggles AI detection (but this does not work in the time of pickpocketing)
  • TGM – it turns God mode on/ off (but this also includes stamina/ Magicka)
  • TCL – this one toggle clipping on/ off
  • AddItem (Item ID) – this item is for the inventory. For example, player adds item f 100 and includes 100 gold.
  • TCAI – this Toggles combat AI on/ off (this one is useful with TAI to completely disable all NPCs)
  • PlaceAtMe (item/NPC id) – it even spawns item/ NPC near the player (this can be even used with AI commands for the hilarious effect)
  • AdvSkill [[[[skill]skill]]skill]]] – this one gives the player some particular number of the skill modelled experience points. These even amounts vary from skill to skill.

All Skyrim console commands

  • Coc ‘location’ – this helps in teleporting the location. An all item is coc QASmoke.
  • PSB – it gives all spells to the player
  • Tcl – this toggles No- clip mode (fly, walk via walls)
  • Tfc – free camera
  • Caqs – this even completes all the quest stages
  • Tgm – this even toggles God mode (invincibility, infinite carry weight)
  • Tmm, 1 – toggle map markers
  • advlevel – force a level up (add no perk points)
  • Setpcfame – set only targeted character’s fame
  • Setpcinfamy – this set the targeted character’s infamy
  • Fov xxx – this even change the field of view
  • Setownership – it changes ownership of the targeted so you can even steal it
  • Enableplayercpntrols – Enable controls in the time of cinematic
  • Tdetect – it even toggle AI detection (this one avoids getting caught stealing)
  • addperk xxxxxxxx – it includes perks modelled on the perk codes which is player add perk 000c44b8 and that would even add up the adept alteration perk, it can even found on the item codes page. Confirm that your skill level should be high enough for having the perk before enabling it or it may not even work properly.
  • Help – it is a list console commands
  • additem 0000000f ‘999’ – this even adds 999 gold
  • Showracemenu – it brings up the race selection/ character customization menu.

Note – the character can be reset in level 1 plus all the skills to its initial base values.

Final words

this game has these items and many more there which can be checked. But all have different traits and works differently. A Skyrim console command has lots of cheats and every cheat with different traits.

That is the best thing they are multiple in numbers and they all serve the game unique functionality. Actually these cheats drive the game and without the game is nothing. These games fall under the dragon and dungeon.



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