Roblox Admin Commands List

The Roblox is a free massively multiplayer online game, the bill itself as a “user-generated” gaming site. This essentially makes the Roblox makes you the architect of its virtual world allowing the players and more to build and interact with in-game content using core building components.

The result would be off the playing performance, community activity and good behaviour. There are some Roblox players who serve as administrators called the roblox admin commands. Being an admin you can execute game-altering script commands. So you need knowledge of scripting and the programming language Lua to perform admin commands.

Roblox Admin Commands

  • Fire – Starts a fire
  • Unfire – Stops the fire
  • Jump – Makes your character jump
    Kill – Kills the player
  • Loopkill – Kills the player over and over again
  • Ff – Creates a force field around the player
  • Unff – Erases the force field
  • UnGod Mode – The player returns to normal
  • Kick – Kicks a player from the game
  • Fix – Fixes a broken script
  • Jail – Puts the player into jail
  • Explode – Makes the player explode
  • Merge – allows one player to control another player
  • Control – Gives you control over another player
  • Unjail – Cancels the effects of Jail
  • Respawn – Brings a player back to life
  • Givetools – The player receives Roblox Starter Pack tools
  • Removetools – Removes the player’s tools
  • Zombify – Turns a player into an infectious zombie
  • Unsmoke – Turns the smoke off
  • Bighead – Makes the player’s head bigger
  • Minihead – Makes the player’s head smaller
  • Sparkles – Makes your player sparkly
  • Unsparkles – Nullifies the sparkles command
  • Smoke – Creates smoke around the player
  • Normal head – Returns the head to the original size
  • Sit – Makes the player sit
  • Trip – Makes the player trip
  • Admin – Allows players to use the command script
  • Unadmin – Players lose the ability to use the command script
  • Visible – The player becomes visible
  • Invisible – The player disappears
  • God Mode – The player becomes impossible to kill and becomes deadly to everything else in the game

Positive player effects

The player brings back to the server, you can use the respawn or the player name or the admin command. The commands would give the players defensive force fields. The former of which can be taken away with the name of the players.

You can give a proper players tool with the command “give tools” which would give the player all the tools in Roblox’s starter pack and give specific items with giving or the player name or item name. The god or the player name is going to act as the ultimate positive effect serving the player multiple powers.

The utility commands

Some Roblox admin commands permit with performing tasks that have some utility in the game. For instance “m, text displays as onscreen text message viewable to all players.

So typing “max players” sets a limit on the maximum number of players permitted on the server while “shutdown” shuts down the server.

To punish one need to keep on the player’s name and the administers one warning on the Roblox’s three warning system for misbehaving players. The admin list gives you the names of all the administrators and “admin-command list” which serves as a useful reminder displaying a list of all the available commands.

Adding admin commands to Roblox place

This is going to teach you how to add Roblox admin commands to Roblox place. For this, you need a computer and a Roblox account.

  1. Opening up the Roblox library and navigating to HD admin, you can have other admins like Adonis and kudos. This is using HD admin as its open source and is most up to date admin.
  2. Taking a copy of the model, just click the green button, doing this will add the admin to your inventory.
  3. Head to the create page at the top left of your screen: – this will open up a list of your games.
  4. Finding the place for which you want to add admin commands: – if you don’t have a place, just click on the create a new game and create your place.
  5. Click the edit on the right- side of the game: – this is going to open up the Roblox studio for the game.
  6. In the top bar, click on the view and load up the explorer and toolbox.
  7. In the toolbox, navigate to the inventory and this will load up the inventory that is added to the admin.
  8. Click and drag the HD admin into the place and this will add the admin to your explorer.
  9. Click a file to the drop-down menu which will appear.
  10. Select the publish to Roblox and this will save the changes to your game.

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