R2DA codes Available here

About the game – Well, this r2da falls under the Roblox and let people play. It is one of the official reasons 2 die community which is being founded by the Place rebuilder. There are even shouts about the update, future weapons, maps, debug parties etc.

R2DA Codes

Note about the game – It is one of use mod call associated to the game which is like hackers bypass swear, broken server, hate speech, round delayers, etc. here in this game, one may even ignore mod calling for lag, survivor/ zombie selection, many humorous problems, team which is less than 7 which might lead to a ban and suspension of the mod called which you use.

Table of Contents

R2DA Codes

  • MT2JXQ 15x: Fire Extinguishers
  • SQJMKE 10x: Crabmines
  • QLRCXE 5x: Fireboxes
  • 5x Clockbombs: (Debug)
  • 83TCP 1x: Batwing Skincrate
  • TOWH2 15x: Vitamins
  • RXT44 5x: Clockbombs
  • OHKS8 5x: Steil Grenades
  • DUCKY 1x: Premium Skincrate
  • YEAH 1x: Batwing Skincrate (Working 100%)

The rule of the game – Yes this is also the game has its own rule. There are Wikia and every other wiki as which is all about supporting with other fellow users, plus understanding and maintaining tolerance. One may even treat users pretty well, having a friendly conversation and knowing each other.

Help the community – Helping is a good gesture and prevent the evildoers from the spoiling the peace. In the game, if you see that anyone who is in need of help, harassed trying to be calm down, intimidation and kind or ever bullied, help them.

Help to improve the R2DA  – There us chill folks worked hard for making R2DA Wikia for helping to the players from reason 2 die.

Careful and watchful towards your action – When playing a game, we fit so much to the character that we forget about actions. This happens many times well, even this happens. If you are playing, you will have to take care of yourself! This also happens the characters of the game take some weird actions in anger and then they lose the game. So if you want this do not happen along with you and you will have to take care of yourself.

How to control this

You need to give vitamins (RMB)

  • Use or cook (when applicable)
  • You will have to interact along with some certain campaign items
  • Also, pick up snowballs
  • Plus have jetpack flight
  • Spawn mount

Players control 

  • Jump
  • Pan camera
  • Walk
  • Fire weapon and use items and equip the item
  • Punch and switch ammunition type
  • Kick
  • Blocking
  • Switching firing mode
  • Crouch and cinematic mode
  • Zoom and flashlights


Final words

All the games under Roblox are amazing and they are of course very easy to play. There are many of players who think that they are very difficult to play.

But this is not the case once you understand about the game; you get to know how easy and simple the game is! But there are some certain rules which anyone would need to take care of them. Use its codes for wining and playing the game.

The codes have been given from nay of purposes and earning money and playing game easily are some of the major reasons.

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