Latest Pokemon fighters ex codes

his game has so many things to discover with so many new features. Pokémon fighters have been designed to give a different experience to the players. This has been developed early in the year 2015 and was released for free on the same year on August 19th

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Pokemon Fighters Ex Codes

The game has its real version of the Pokémon fighters EX which was developed during 2011. And it is considered as the prequel of the game. But one thing every player will have to keep in the mind is about its update.  You cannot expect it but here is some of the basic thing which you can know about the game.

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Pokemon Fighters ex codes

  • Playing – 0
  • Max players – 20
  • Genre – all genres
  • Favourites – 3, 006
  • Visits – 127.6K+
  • Updated – 4/7/2017
  • Allowed gear –
  • Created – 12/7/2011

The fighting game Pokémon is on the Wii U and they say it is the best idea. Those who play for the first time so they must know it is not played on a 2D fields such as a street fighter or the Mortal kombat. It is being made with collaboration along with Bandai Namco, the developers behind the Tekken. And this does not appear real or feel such as Tekken at all.

When a player is trying to control over the 16 main Pokémon characters, so this give free control running it to every corner of all arena! This option suggests that your opponent land at some certain attacks which you would switch to the different ‘phase’ and this even have the perspective of the battle.

This whole game gives a new method of rendering Type effectiveness which has become one of popular since long before Pokémon go.

Type of the players

  • Normal – rock, steel ad ghost (weak against)
  • Poison – grass and fairy (strong against), poison, rock, ghost, steel and ground (weak aginst)
  • Ground – poison, electric, steel and rock (strong against), flying, bug and grass (weak against)
  • Ghost – ghost, psychic (strong against) and normal and dark (weak against)
  • Bug- grass, psychic and dark (strong against), fighting, flying, ghost, poison, fire and fairy (weak against)
  • Rock – flying, bug and fire, ice (strong against), fighting, ground and steel (weak against)
  • Fire – bug, steel, ice and grass (strong against), rock, fire, water and dragon (weak against)
  • Water – ground, rock and fire (strong against), water, grass and dragon (weak against)
  • Electric – flying and water (strong against), ground, dragon, electric and grass (weak against)

Pokémon go has some effective sort which changes compared along with other games

  • Fairy immune to the dragon (this is very interesting)
  • Ground immune to electric (gives good experience)
  • Ghost immune to normal and fighting
  • Dark immune to psychic
  • Normal and fighting immune to ghost
  • Steel immune to poison (play it once and share your experience then)
  • Flying immune to ground


this becomes mandatory doing that informing people who are going to play for the first time. It carries all the information which any user would need while playing the game. Play it once this game falls under Roblox.

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