Outward Recipes List

he manual recipes are the best way for the players to insert any kind of ingredients that they wish and you can see the results to it. This is, in fact, the best method of crafting which is commonly used to deconstruct equipment, refill lanterns as well as experiment with undiscovered recipes.

These recipe scrolls are not required to craft an item for the first time, which is going to make all the recipes convenient to get learned with manual crafting.

What is crafting

This is a major gameplay mechanic which is going to permit the players to create items ranging from equipment to food, drinks, imbues and many other items.

The outward recipe list is a significant part of it which is associated with crafting items. Using these players can either select a known recipe or manually craft a new one either through trial and error by knowing the recipe in advance.

The crafting menu accessible at any time covers the survival crafting only. The players must use an appropriate crafting station like that of the kitchen, cooking pot, alchemy and many more.

Outward Recipes

All the crafted items have an associated recipe, knowledge of how to create an item with various crafting systems. The learned recipes are listed in an appropriate crafting menu, and recipes will get learned automatically once the players craft them for the first time, regardless of whether or not they own the associated recipe scroll.


Name Benefit
SaltSalt Water
Gaberry Jam4 Gaberries
Jerky2 meat and also 2 salt
Alpha Jerky2 Raw Alpha Meat and also 2 Salt
Dry Mushroom Bar4 Common Mushroom
Boiled Gaberries1 Gaberries
Mushroom Bar: 4 Common Mushroom
Breath of the wild1 smokeroot, 1 raw alpha meat, 1 woolshroom and also 1 bread
Gaberry TartineBread and also Gaberry Jam
Boiled Azure Shrimp1 Azure Shrimp
Marshmelon Jelly3 Marshmelon and also 1 Gaberry Jam
Meat StewMeat, Vegetable and also Salt
Toast1 Bread, fire
Cherry Ceviche Raw Rainbow Trout, Seaweed and also Salt
Travel RationSalt and also 2 Food (Whatever)
Luxe Lichette1 Azure Shrimp, 1 Raw Rainbow, 1 Larva Egg and also 1 Seaweed
Spiny Meringue2 Cactus Fruit and also 2 egg
Bouillon du predateur 3 predator bones and also 1 clean water
Stringy salad2 woolshroom and also 2 vegetable
Alpha Sandwich1 Raw alpha meat and also 1 bread
Cactus pie2 cactus fruit and also 1 bread
Ragaout de Marais1 Miasmapod, 1 meat, 1 marshmelon and also 1 salt
Savage stew1 raw alpha meat, 1 marshmelon and also gravel beetle
Pungent Paste Egg, Ochre Spice Beetle and also Fish
Ragout da Marais 1 Miasmapod, 1 meat, 1 marshmelon and also 1 salt
Marshmelon tartine 1 marshmelon jelly and also 1 bread
Miner’s omelet2 Egg and alsoCommon Mushroom
Diademe de gibier1 raw jewel meat, 1 meat, 1 cactus fruit and also 1 salt
Turmmip PottageTurmmip and also Salt
Pot au Feu du Pirate:3 Fish and also Salt


Beverage Benefit
Soothing TeaClean Water and also Seaweed
Mineral TeaClean Water and also Gravel Beetle
Bitter Spicy TeaClean Water and also Ochre Spice Beetle
Needle tea1 clean water and also cactus fruit

How to learn the recipes

To learn the recipes there are several ways.

  • Through trial and error with a manual recipe.
  • Purchasing the scroll from the vendor.
  • Finding the recipe scroll at loot, either from enemies, loot containers or quests.

Crafting kinds

There are different kinds of crafting. Looking forward to the types:-

  • Survival crafting which is accessible from the players crafting menu and most importantly, this kind of crafting requires no station.
  • De crafting is from the crafting menu and the players can draft certain items into base materials.
  • Cooking is another one for which the players can cook food either directly on a campfire or by using a cooking pot or kitchen.
  • Alchemy is considered by using the alchemy kit and the players can craft various magical items and potions.
  • Blacksmiths are the ones to craft armour sets and weapons for the players if-then bring them the appropriate materials though the players don’t craft these by themselves.
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Outward Recipes – Alchemy


  • Weather defence potion: 1 clean water, 1 greasy fern and also 1 crystal powder
  • Warm Potion: Clean Water and also Thick Oil
  • Possessed Potion: 1 clean water and also 1 occult remains
  • Rage potion: 1 clean water, 1 gravel beetle and also 1 smoke root
  • Great Endurance Potion: Endurance Potion and also Krimp Nut
  • Cool Potion: Clean Water and also Gravel Beetle
  • Discipline Potion: Water, Ochre Spice Beetle and also Livweedi
  • Great Astral Potion: Astral Potion and also Ghost Eye
  • Mist Potion: Clean Water and also Ghost’s Eye
  • Astral Potion: Star Mushroom, Turmmip and also Clean Water
  • Life Potion: Clean Water, Blood Mushroom and also Gravel Beetle
  • Great Life Potion: Life Potion and also 1 greasy fern
  • Endurance Potion: Clean Water, Krimp Nut and also Egg
  • Elemental immunity potion: 1 thick oil, 1 azure shrimp, 1 firefly powder and also 1 occult remains
  • Elemental resistance potion: 1 smoke root, 1 occult remains and also 1 crystal powder
  • Stability potion: 1 clean water, 1 insect husk and also 1 Livweedi
  • Blessed potion: 1 clean water and also 1 firefly powder

Manual recipes

The manual recipes are quite long away for the players to insert any kind of ingredients which they wish and see what the result is. This method of crafting is mostly used for a variety and experiment with undiscovered recipes. There are recipe scrolls which are not required to craft an item for the first time. These recipes can be learned with manual crafting.

  • Deconstructing the equipment by inserting various equipment by itself, the players can receive raw materials like iron scraps, linen cloth and many more.
  • Refilling lanterns which can be managed by inserting the lantern and appropriate fuel will result in a new, refilled lantern.
  • The undiscovered recipes are helpful with choosing any amount of ingredients and experiment. Failed experiments can result in food waste or lost items, though this won’t happen for survival crafting.


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