Osrs Fairy Ring Codes & guide

Fairy ring is a type of transportation game which is designed with old school format and it is composed of 44 rings in the teleportation that is spread worldwide to provide a fast way of accessing the remote sites the whole world map can be viewed easily to access teleports that are available. you can get unlimited osrs fairy ring codes from here as well as you can get osrs fairy ring guide available.

OSRS Fairy Ring Codes available

Players in this fairy system ring use three-letter codes to determine the teleport system and no stars are needed to train them in a complete way. osrs fairy ring code will be very useful in this game for advance playing.

Fairy ring run scape guide

Several rings are designed to access really and players can easily select the codes for the fairy ring and it will not be teleported anywhere which will be in the secret form where the players are already located in such places.

Fairy tale game is designed with win setup on the pop-up firing will also be travelled along the process and the list of a ring will be published recently for travelling. Just click bring code to travel and enter the information automatically. You will be marked with your favourite sports which you use frequently.

Fairy rings

The setup will completely bring you a different type of atmosphere and you will really be shocked while playing this different setup game and you can easily unlock the fairy tale came with the setup of Queen quest it is relatively fast game for accessing and as well as it will guide you in an easier way.

Players in the fairy ring system our experience in a wider way and their starting level will be expanded to drama staff and it is entered to the master fairy. fairy ring codes OSRS are available here.


This code was initially created by Guthix in the form of dimensional and fabric way. And this gate is placed upon generous and it is reasonable to open with the help of instability. It is opened in the form of network fairy rings and discovered with different fairies to create the history.

Fairy ring codes

The process is detail invented with the combination of previously access the players having the entry code as a form of request and it is teleported in the form of main fairy ring.

Once you few visit this code you will find easier to recreate and re-enter the code each and every time. This can be sorted with the different type of icons and you can easily navigate to remember the location side-by-side.

if not working these fairy ring codes for osrs, you can contact on below-given comment box. we will reply within 24hours to 48 hours.

  • BKQ – Enchanted Valley
  • BKR – Mort Myre (south of Canifis)
  • BKS – Zanaris
  • BLP – TzHaar City
  • BLR – Legends Guild (near Ardougne)
  • CIP – Miscellania
  • CIQ – North-West of Yanille
  • CIR – South of Mount Karuulm (Kebos Lowlands)
  • CIS – Arceuus (North of Library)
  • CJR – Sinclair Mansion (North of Seers)
  • CKP – Cosmic Entity’s Plane
  • CKR – Tai Bwo Wannai Village (south of it, just North-West of Shilo)
  • CKS – Canifis (west of)
  • CLP – Island South of Draynor Village
  • CLR – Ape Atoll (Agility Course)
  • CLS – Hazelmere’s Home (East of Yanille)
  • DIP – Abyssal Nexus
  • DIR – Gorak’s Plane
  • DIQ – POH (Superior Garden IF Fairy Ring built)
  • AIQ – Mudskipper Point (near Port Sarim)
  • AIR – Island South-East of Ardougne
  • AJQ – Caves south of Dorgesh-Kaan
  • AJR – Fremennik Slayer Dungeon (near Rellekka)
  • AJS – Island off the coast of Miscellania
  • AKQ – Piscatoris Hunter Area (near Fishing Colony)
  • AKS – Feldip Hunter Area (south of Yanille)
  • ALP – Lighthouse (North of Barbarian Outpost)
  • ALQ – Haunted Woods (between Canifis and Port Phasmatys)
  • ALR – Abyssal area (non Wilderness)
  • ALS – McGrubor’s Woods (near Seers Village)
  • BIP – Rive Salve Island (east of Nature Spirit Grotto)
  • BIQ – Kharidian Desert (near Kalphite Hive)
  • BIS – Ardougne Zoo (Unicorn Pen)
  • BJR – Realm of the Fisher King (Holy Grail quest partial completion)
  • BJS – Island near Zul-Andra
  • BKP – South of Castle Wars

Fairy ring transportation will help you to pop up each and every list that is travelled recently and the code will be automatically entered if you Mark the item which you are very favourites.

The players can easily use the fairy rings in the form of Lost City, restless ghost, nature spirit and as a queen. The setup is detail entered in the form of different way and the combination is also placed in the different region to access quickly the fairy rings.

The casting process is separately teleported in order to form a magic vibrant and it is teleported in the wizard’s tower. The product of the Ring will be reported as a Glory while travelling as a small bridge which is one of the different parts in the fairy tale.

It is a thrilling type of game with different selection which will give you a different experience in the superior garden. Construction is designed with an excellent way and the players will be really attracted by the environment.

Guide for OSRS Fairy Ring


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