My Cafe recipes and Stories

Cafe recipes are of different types and with different combinations. The coffee recipes can be made by using toppings, drinks it may be prepared by using any tasty desserts.

There are many new recipes and you yourself can prepare with different combinations as a pure level by purchasing a new type of equipment will help you to make a different type of combinations.

New recipes which are found should be unlocked once and then it should be sold in your cafe store. Making new different combination will attract people to search your store when they feel to taste the coffee e when they are at any mood.

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Coffee lovers

There are many people who are mostly addicted to coffee taste. Without having a cup of coffee they could not start their regular work. It may be of any type of combinations but the thing is they have to taste a cup of coffee.

Coffee which can be prepared by many types the taste and the aroma smell should attract the people to ask for another cup of coffee. The person who makes coffee should be very specialized in preparing the coffee in different tastes according to the customer’s suggestion.

List of recipes with some different combinations


This is also a tasty drink which is sold in the cafe store and many of the people even youngsters are addicted to tea and these people will have at least thrice a day. During the time when they feel very tensed or stressed they feel like having a tasty cup of tea.


Espresso is a variety of a coffee where most of the people are addicted to espresso drink. In this you can make this type of coffee with different combinations it will be very tasty.


With the coffee combination, you can prepare many types of desserts such as ice cream, milkshakes, yoghurt and cakes.

You can prepare any type of combination with this cafe flavour and you can sale in your cafe shop only then the number of people will be attracted to it when you prepare much new different tasty type of desserts.

It is such an interesting game which is attracted by more number of people. And most girls are attracted to this type of game.

The cake is a dessert type and in this game, you will be having all type of baked items such as pastries cakes extra with different flavours. They are all served according to the taste of the customers.

Hot chocolate

Hot chocolate is a type of coffee drink and in this game, it is unlocked in the 10th level and this hot chocolate can be prepared with the help of a hot chocolate machine. And it is one of the very longest processes to do and take some time to prepare and it is very expensive when compared to other drinks.


It is a type of different tasty drink and this has been unlocked at level 5 and it is prepared with the help of latte machine.



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