MM2 Value List JD

The mm2 value list is one of the exclusive lists being created by active trusted MM2 members without any bias. The values are completely based on demand and rarity and not by if the site admins own them.

The team is completely active in both trading and public servers. They have over 9000 edits on the wiki and over 750 files on this wiki. So you can make this better if any violation of this would be vandalizing, swearing or spamming which may result in a ban.


The mystery keys are available for 125 diamonds and they can unlock the mystery box# 1 while you can unlock a mystery box with 100 gems. The mystery keys can also be traded. Using this you can also unlock it using 1,000 coins.


This is a feature in murder mystery 2 that can be found at the shop. With this, you can also check out the importance of mm2 value list with a minimal chance to gain a chroma version of the known godly.


There is a long list of weapons for the mm2 value list; these are like jack, JD, laser godly, laser vintage, legendary weapons, luger, bats knife, bats gun, battle axe and many more.

Even the weapons are coded according to the rare ones and godly ones. There is even a good range of ancient and crafting weapons.

Godly weapons

The godly weapons are extremely rare weapons and are also the most popular weapons in the game and very difficult to obtain. This is going to help with estimating the value of the pets and weapons.

The godly weapons have a slim chance of being unboxed and some of them are sold in the game passes or events.

The MM2 new games

There are a lot of MM2 games which makes the gaming list or the mm2 value list exclusive ones. The games are not just interesting but at the same time are quite efficient to play. The games are like

School bus license

It’s an online game which is an interesting bus driving game. The player’s mission is to pick up children at the bus station and driving the bus to school. Then complete all the twenty degrees to get a school bus drivers license.

Bus parking simulator 

 The bus parking simulator is a free online game from mm2 which is for those who like to become a bus driver. This is not for everyone to drive the kind of huge bus skilful way. The rules are not going to allow you to hit the terrain obstacles which mean your failure. The secret is then complete.

Apart from the above, there are games like robbers vs. robbers where robbers are like cops vs. robbers. Except the player can choose any unlocked vehicle and not just a police car of the Mustang GT. Now about the robber teams where the game mode enables 2 teams of any vehicles desired. Play, defend, block, run and deliver.


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