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What is Minecraft:

The game Minecraft has overflowed the internet with its creative gaming feature. This sandbox video game hit the platform in 2011 by Swedish developer Markus Persson.

The whole game is all about creativity, as gamers need to build stuff with various blocks. The 3D visualization of this game fascinates the gamer’s mind.

This 3D sandbox video game never sets the boundary or for the player nor have any particular intent. However, it allows users to play independently with their choices. An achievement system is included here.

Best Minecraft Mods

By default, the gameplay of Minecraft goes to the first-person. But, all the players can have their third-person to set the gameplay. The Minecraft world is formed with cubes, blocks, fluids that are basically 3D objects in the game.

The blocks of the game resemble the stone, trunks, dirt, lava, ores or the water and so on. The mainstream of the game is to pick off the blocks and drop somewhere to form an object.

Gamers can change the footstep of these 3D arranged grids at any time. Not only that, they can mine their blocks and drop somewhere to build their desired objects. The whole game is divided into five mods, which are survival, creative, adventure, hardcore, and spectator.  The difficulty level of each mod can be changed at any time.

Survival Mode:

This mod allows the players to collect natural ingredients like stone, dirt, wood, etc to create the blocks for the fabrication.

The attacking monsters also have their domiciles in dark areas, which are in the outer portion of some particular character. Players need to make their harbor at night. The health bar of this mod helps all in the dark days such as drowning, Monster attack, falling lava, starvation, suffocation and many more.

Creative mode:

This mod allows the payers to use their collected ingredients for fabrication in the game. They can delete or include with the inventory menu. Without any damage or embezzlement, toggle the flying ability of a character can be done in this mod.

Adventure mode:

This mode was attached in 1.3 version of the game. The particular goal of this mode is to provide adventure and custom maps. The function of this mode is as exactly as the survival mode. Nevertheless, it has a few limitations, which may be embedded by the creator.

Spectator mode

This mode grants the players to fly around the 3D blocks of the game. Not only this, without directly interacting they can enjoy the gameplay too. The mode allows watching the game from another perspective of the player. Only Java allows accessing this sandbox video game.


Minecraft also allows the multiplayer by LAN play or direct game-to-game multi-play. This helps to connect with various people in one gaming world.

Host providers can help the players to begin their game with their own servers.  Besides this, Xbox Live also helps to connect directly with other player’s game. But, Single players also can join hands with the help of the local network providers.

The vision, graphics of this 3D game brought high popularity in this internet world. Minecraft was awarded as Most Addicting Game in 2015.

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