Mii QR codes For Tomodachi Life

Mii is a new form of the 3D popular game like animal crossing or Tomodachi life. Mii is a very famous free form of digital Avatar game. This game looks like even you or as your friends or as your famous and your favourite people.

It is one of the very interesting game where you can design yourself a Mii by yourself with the help of Mii maker where it is a 3DS channel you can design as your favourite Mii makeup with the help of Mii channel for on the 3DS channel sometimes you can even simply add a Mii which is already created by some other players.

What is Mii?

Mii which simply figures which is used to represent players in the games sometimes it can be represented as Tomodachi life or as an animal crossing figure. You can even store this Mii figure up to 100 in the Mii channel.

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Adding Mii to 3DS

An opportunity has given to the players to share their Mii through the help of Mii QR code so players can easily attach the Mii with the help of QR code.

With each and every Mii a unique QR code in be created and it can be shared with your friends or even to the player community. Players who are interested with 3DS can scan their Mii QR code and they can easily share and add Mii to their own in Mii Maker.

So when you add with the help of the QR code your image will be represented as with you have been created it is one of the interesting and different types of game where most of the people are attracted towards the Mii figure.

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Since they can create their own figure as they like. Sure this Mii QR code will be created only by the Nintendo 3DS family and they can have the ability to read also. This option is not available to any of the people other than them.

Steps to add Mii

If you want to add Mii with the help of the QR code you have to follow some of the steps

  • Initially, you have to find an image option or QR code which will be present in the Mii maker from the main menu.
  • Then you have to scan the QR code and you can align your own comfortable code within your favourite frame which will be on your upper screen.
  • After then the system will automatically scan the code then after you can click the save option to save the file and press ok.
  • Successfully your new Mii image has been saved and which will be appeared on the menu on Mii maker new menu.

Existing Mii QR codes

Suppose if you want to find some of the existing Mii QR codes you have many options to find the existing code that is you can yourself design QR code which will be in the web and which has many good collections something as famous movie, game characters, TV shows or something else which is your favorite you can choose your own collections of Miis. Some of the good collections are
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  • Reddit: which is the figure of Tomodachi QR code exchange
  • The repository: sure there are many best Mii QR codes which will be suited for your Nintendo 3DS.
  • Tumblr: share Tomodachi life QR codes are available.


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