Lootboy codes

The loot boy app serves with digital loot for free and even at low price bundle of offers. There are also a lot more for those who are regular users with staying updated to the free webcomic series of loot boy and its adventure. Indeed it’s an app for the gamers offering exciting offers on purchase month after month regularly.

Lootboy Codes

Basically the codes are a special part of it which is well known as loot boy codes. The app users can find epic in-game items for their favourite games, digital games, credit codes, awesome discounts as well as fabulous loot boy comic. You can have a new episode every Friday; just check it out with the first loot pack in the house.

  • CATHERINE-  1,000 coins
  • LORDSMOBILE4EVA – 1,000 coins

What is new?

Using the loot boy codes you can move further and enjoy the game. There are free loot packs for the loot boy app and you can draw two cool new wallpapers from the loot boy.

So just use the wallpapers to give your Smartphone or PC a personal loot boy style. Coming down to the weekly comic, there are already 94 episodes of the loot boy webcomic. In that, the loot boy experiences many exciting adventures.

The loot boy app for gamers

This is the loot boy, one of the best apps for the gamers.

  • Rip open free loot packs and do receive exciting digital content free of cost.
  • There are a lot of different item codes for current games, beta access and many more.
  • You can read the regularly updated webcomic series and many more.
  • Every month you are sure to receive exciting bundles of purchases.

Users review

The users of the app say it one of the best and great app. The loot boy works with perfection and one can easily crack several deals using the loot boy codes.

How does it work

In the loot boy game, the diamonds are an integrated part. Which you can download to your mobile phone for free. Once the app is installed then you are logged in, you can then read the loot boy comic, open free loot packs or buy premium loot packs.

You can also trade these premium loot packs for diamonds and that would help you earn with simply tapping the diamond icon at the bottom of the app.

What is there in the diamond page

At the loot boy diamond page

  • You can collect diamonds and then can exchange them for a free premium loot pack and there is no money at all.
  • Next can use the bonus wall. With diamonds quests to get a few tasks. This can be the installation of an app for your mobile phone and play up to certain area. You will then automatically receive diamonds for completed quests.
  • Enjoy the free premium loot packs with simply choosing one of the premium loot packs here on the diamond page and exchanging your diamonds for a cool pack opening.

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