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KrogerFeedback Customer Survey may be a Feedback survey offered by Kroger through which they will know the feedback of the purchasers about the company. Customers take a section in sweepstakes survey to win Kroger gift cards, Kroger 50 Fuel points, Kroger Grocery Cards, and Kroger Digital Coupons. we should always Participate in Kroger Feedback Survey & you’ll win a cash price of $5000 on Kroger for free.

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What is Kroger?

Kroger is one of the most important & largest grocery stores located or launched within us of America. The most Business of Kroger is Grocery, Manufacturing, Merchandise, and Supermarket. Kroger always delivers the best shopping experience with customers and keeps their warm touch for subsequent visits also.

KrogerFeedback Customer Satisfaction Survey

KrogerFeedBack Survey

PurposeTo improve the customer experience.
Rewards50 Kroger Fuel Points Balance

$5000 Cash Reward
Age Limit Minimum 18 Years
Eligible StatesAll states are eligible excluding Florida and New York.
LimitTo enter the survey within 7 days

Rules and Regulations for the Kroger feedback Survey sweepstakes

There are some rules and regulations for participating within the online survey and within the sweepstakes for the prospect of winning one among 3 $5,000 gift cards and one among the 300 $100 gift cards which can be awarded within the next three months.

  • You must be aged 18 or older
  • You need a recent receipt (no older than 7 days) from a sale you made up of a Kroger store
  • You have to be a legal resident of the US (New York, Florida and Rhode Island excluded) or the District of Columbia
  • You may not enter if you’re an employee or an in-depth family member of an employee of the sponsor or its associates
  • If you would like to enter the sweepstakes without making a purchase – you’ll enter by post
  • There is no limitation to the number of times you’ll enter with different valid receipts per sweepstakes period
  • You can enter just one occasion with each receipt

Step by Step Process to finish Kroger Feedback Survey


In order to finish the KrogerFeedback survey and become a participant within the sweepstakes, you would like to do the following:

  • Get your recent receipt ready (it should be no older than 7 days) and must have a printed Entry ID number thereon
  • Check your internet connection and open a browser of your option to attend the KrogerFeedback survey page at
  • If you favor answering the questions in Spanish – choose the Spanish language option. Otherwise, just continue with the survey which is in English by default
  • Enter the date, time, and therefore the entry ID from your receipt. Double-check it. If all information is valid, you’ll be allowed to continue with the questionnaire
  • You will be asked to fill within the store number, terminal number, transaction number (don’t worry) the web site will show you exactly where to search out each of those numbers on the receipt)
  • Then you’ll plow ahead and answer all of the questions within the survey so as to finish it successfully and become one among the participants within the current sweepstakes
  • Remember, that you simply will get to answer or give your rating for every and each question within the survey so as to finish it
  • You must provide some personal information including your name, address and telephone number, a legitimate e-mail, and your loyalty card number (if you own one) to become a participant within the sweepstakes or become eligible for a discount, fuel point or other rewards being handed out. If you’re worried about sharing personal information, you’ll read the Privacy policy of the survey just to be sure that your personal data is safe
  • Once you complete the survey, you must get a message displayed that you simply are successfully entered into the sweepstakes, or in other survey periods you’ll get a coupon or voucher discount code, fuel points or other rewards
  • Once you’re done, you’ll keep your fingers crossed that you simply are going to be one among the lucky ones chosen at the subsequent random drawing for the monthly rewards.

The KrogerFeedback Rewards

Once you’re through with the web survey, you’ll become one among the entrants within the monthly sweepstakes for the $5,000 or one the 100 $100 gift cards which can be awarded.

The rewards given by Kroger for your participation in its customer satisfaction survey may differ during the various times of the year and survey periods, so confirm you check what the present rewards are within the official sweepstake rules also because of the terms of service.

You will be contacted by a Kroger employee by phone, e-mail, or post if you’re one among the winners within the sweepstakes. You’ll always check the sweepstake winner list to ascertain if you’re one among them here.

What are the particular objectives of the KrogerFeedback Survey?

Kroger is prepared to award 3 of the participants with $5,000 gift cards and another lucky 300 with $100 gift cards for participating within the Krogerfeedback survey. This is often how important your opinion is to them!

The goal of the corporate is to collect as much honest feedback regarding the recent customer experiences of as many customers as possible, and to research the info, and take actions for:

  • Improving the general customer satisfaction of individuals shopping at any Kroger store
  • Improving the standard, pricing, and availability of the various goods and services provided
  • Meeting the requirements and expectations of the customers
  • Making the service and attitude of the staff even better
  • Improving the facilities and infrastructure
  • Resolving any ongoing problems and taking preventive actions against future such issues
  • Convincing more customers like better to patronize Kroger stores and recommend them to others
  • All of those goals aren’t only beneficial for the corporate but come to consider it – are beneficial for all of Kroger’s customers also. This includes you too.

This is why you ought to take a couple of minutes of some time to require part within the Krogerfeedback customer satisfaction survey. As a gift, you’ll get an entry for the sweepstakes too.

Hopefully, now that you simply have acknowledged just how easy it’s to enter the sweepstakes and become the potential winner of a monthly award of $5,000 or one among the hundred $100 gift cards given out monthly, you’re able to take the KrogerFeedback online survey at

The company is doing its best to gather as much honest feedback as possible, and take it under consideration so as to reinforce the general customer experience and to enhance the standard of its products, services, facilities, and employees.

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