King's Raid Tier List 2019

King’s Raid Tier List (All List Updated)

An effort to make the best with the king’s raid tier list brings on the best that comprises of efforts from the analysis and experiences. These are being credited to the experiences of the hardcore players in the king’s raid community. Indeed the one can be considered as one of the most comprehensive and full assessments in every single aspect of the game. But it is also important that you don’t make the list as absolute when playing.

It’s just the way to have fun and enjoy the game. One can also use the information from the king’s raid tier list for making their own desired team for bringing on the best of experiences when you are playing the game.

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King's raid tier list

King’s Raid Tier List

King's Raid Tier List 2019

King’s Raid (Best Archers for PvE)

S TierZafir
A Tier Requina, Luna, Selene, Yuria
B TierArch, Dimael, Shamilla
C TierYanne

King’s Raid  (Best Archers for PvP)

S TierRequina, Yuria
A Tier Dimael, Zafie
B Tier Arch, Luna, Shamilla
C TierSelene, Yanne

King’s Raid (Best Assassins for PvE)

S TierErze, Epis
A TierEzekiel, Mirianne, Laudia
B TierNia, Reina, Tanya
C Tier Roi, Gladi, Fluss

King’s Raid (Best Assassins for PvP)

S TierFluss, Mirianne
A TierErze, Laudia, Epis, Ezekiel
B TierNia, Reina
C TierGladi, Tanya, Roi

King’s Raid  (Best Knights for PvE)

S TierClause, Neraxis, Glenwys, Loman
A TierJane, Phillop, Sonia
B TierAselica, Morrah, Demia
C TierRicardo, Dosarta

King’s Raid (Best Knights for PvP)

S TierLoman, Demia, Ricardo
C TierAselica, Clause, Glenwys, Morrah
A TierDosarta, Phillop, Sonia
B TierJane, Neraxis

King’s Raid (Best Mechanics for PvE)

S TierAnnette, Cecilia, Chrisha
A TierLakrak, Miruru
B TierOddy, Kara
C TierMitra, Rodina, Crow

King’s Raid (Best Mechanics for PvP)

S TierCecilia, Miruru
A TierKara, Lakrak, Annette
B Tier Chrisha, Crow
C Tier Oddy, Mitra, Rodina

King’s Raid (Best Priests for PvE)

S Tier Frey, Juno, Rephy, Mediana
A Tier Kaulah, Laias, Lavril
B Tier Lucias, Shea
C TierBaudouin, Cassandra, Leo, May

King’s Raid (Best Priests for PvP)

S TierLeo, Rephy, Cassandra
A TierBaudouin, Juno, Lucias,
B TierLaias, Mediana, Shea
C Tier Frey, Kaulah, Lavril, May

King’s Raid  (Best Warriors for PvE)

S TierGau, Theo, Viska
A TierChase, Kasel, Naila, Seria, Priscilla, Bernheim
B Tier Nicky
C Tier Scarlet

King’s Raid  (Best Warriors for PvP)

S TierScarlet, Chase, Bernheim
A TierGau, Kasel, Naila, Viska, Seria
B Tier Priscilla
C TierTheo, Nicky

King’s Raid (Best Wizards for PvE)

S TierArtemia, Cleo, Nyx
A TierMaria, Aisha, Esker, Pavel
B TierLilia, Lorraine, Ophelia
C TierLewisia, Veronica

King’s Raid (Best Wizards for PvP)

S Tier Maria, Nyx, Pavel
A TierOphelia, Lilia
B TierArtemia, Cleo, Lorraine
C TierVeronica, Esker, Lewisia, Aisha

Progression in the game

To get ahead into the game is easier than it looks in the king’s road. What is important is to complete the quests. So to find them just tap on the triangle on the left of the screen.

King's Raid Tier List

This would bring out the hidden quest menu. Next tap on the quest and then on the short cut. After the quest is completed in the king’s raid tier list, you can get to claim the rewards. The quests are sequential and are not at all parallel. So it’s often that you have already completed the quest as soon as it is available.

It’s sure that every time you battle for the thing you collect loot from the battlefield. For using it, you just need to tap on the inventory icon.

This would enhance or grind the items that you collect and you should also tap on the hero’s icon for equipping these items as like with the battling which you can do automatically. So the best part is not to stress much relating to making the right choice.

The king’s raid brings on to a rich and complex game which includes a number of modes and even a huge range of activities. This is going to keep you busy and even maximizes your progress. But a little must be overviewed which would be enough for getting started.

Working King's raid tier list available

Leveling up

It’s the EXP which is the king’s raid tier list juice. This is mostly used for leveling up and you can earn it to battle and many other things that everything else in the game.

For the greatest possible the EXP return, fight in conquest battles. It’s always marked that when you level up your heroes you increase their skill levels and basic stats.

The tier list

The tier list is listed into 7 main categories or 7 classes in the game. These are like:-

  • Knights
  • Warriors
  • Archers
  • Mechanics
  • Wizards
  • Priest

The unique thing about this is, the tier list is constantly updated to match the current situation of the game. Even playing this would level up your skills and for that, you need to acquire skill books that you get by completing battles in the story. I hope this king’s raid article will be very useful to you.

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