Imperator Rome console commands

Imperator Rome is a new type of game and this was developed by paradox studio development and this product was published by paradox studio development parties.

The main concept of this game it will take the players to the exciting journey from the successor of Alexander section to the exciting and interesting part of the Roman empire and here you have to you manage the aspects of diplomacy, gold, military and many more varieties in this game.

Imperator Rome Console Commands

This game is complete with fun and exciting, this game is built with attractive features in each and every level type and the publisher of this game is damn sure that it will be very interesting to play.

Console CommandEffects
3dstatsShows Information regarding FPS
aiUsed to switch AI on/off.
debug_modeShows info about Provinces.
amnesia TAGUsed to find Tag of a country.
annex TAGTo find tag of a country.
t / tag TAGChanges the country initial country to the one selected.
observe / obUsed to enable spectator mode.
yesmen / yesman / ymLet’s the AI accept proposals.
ae 00Increases the expansions of your country. values can be changed to the number of your choice.
tyranny 00Used to change the tyranny level. Can be changed to number of your choice.
cash 00Used to change money. Value can be changed.
stab 00Used to change stability.
power 00Used to increase Civic, Oratory, Religious, and military power of your nation.
manpower 00Used to Increase/decrease number of manpower working.
centralisation 00Used to change centralization level.
declare_war TAG 1 TAG 2Let’s country 1 (tagged) to wage war on country 2 (tagged).
forcepeaceUsed to prevent war.
instant_warTurns war declaration on/off.
civil_war TAGStarts civil unrest in the country (tagged).
revolt TAGStarts revolts in the country (tagged).
war exhaustion 00Increases/decreases level of war exhaustion.
technology 00Increases the technology level.
legitimacy 00Used to change the monarch’s legitimacy level.

Here you have many commands to use which will help you to show the right path to the foundation of the empire. Finding the new path to the Roman Empire is very thrilling and interesting part in this game.

Procedure to use the console command

If you need to use the console commands initially you have to log in to the interesting game and then you have to press the console key which is kept the default”/~”. While you press this console button the console must appear to suppose if it does not appear then you have not still enabled it so the processes you have to do it manually.

Suppose if you need to enable this process click on to steam library for this you have to right-click the kingdom game and then go to properties near a new window will be opened in that you will be having a general options in that set launch option after then just type console commands which you need and press ok finally.

Thus the game has been launched from the steam part of the library and now you can press the console button which is kept in default and here the list of console comments will appear and you can you sit to play.

Rome cheats

The imperative console game it is one of the very interesting and attractive ones initially after opening the console key you can type whatever comments you need and you can press the enter button.

Imperator Rome Console Commands
                        Imperator Rome Console

All the commands will be saved with the help of parameters and these options which are introduced with extra modern features in order to attract the game.

Here debug option is also available in this game here in debug mode parameter all the commands will be enabled provided with IDS, tags, country tags, profile and character IDs and all other data whatever you need you can search in this debug mode. This is one of the very useful tooltips which can be taken for controlling the cheat codes and other character portraits involved in the game.

This console game is one of the very interesting ones and it is suitable for all type of ages and you will have a thrilling experience when you play and activate all the console commands in this game.


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