House party console commands & Cheat Codes

it is one of the good looking game and very same as the game like Sims or awaking life or any of those dating or the lifestyle Sims.

The house party console commands are one of best source or the only source for doing way more stuff in the game which anyone would normally do not have any access to it. If anyone is willing to have the house party cheats so they will have to open up the command screen and enter the cheats into the box in order for enabling it.

Console commands and cheats

At first, you need to PRESS tilde key for getting access to the console. Here you are allowed to enter the commands. There is even one handy way for seeing what the available hacks one need to get from the house party console commands.

Look at the list of Cheats

  • Warpto Vickie player
  • Warpto Brittney player
  • Warpto stephany player
  • Warpto Ashley player
  • Warpto Rachael player
  • Warpto madision player
  • Warpto Katherine player


  • Clothing Stephanie 1 off
  • Clothing Stephanie 0 off
  • Clothing Stephanie 1 off
  • Clothing Stephanie 1 off
  • Clothing Stephanie 1 off


  • Pose Stephanie 0 true
  • Pose Stephaine 2 true and others

List of the house party

Here many of the house party mods are available. But there are several of the funny ways for playing the game and it cannot really go wrong by using just the house party console commands for unlocking some of the wonderful stuff in the game.

Characters of the game

  • Leah
  • Derek
  • Patrick
  • Lety
  • Amy
  • Stephanie
  • Madison
  • Rachael
  • Frank
  • Ashley
  • Katherine
  • Brittney
  • Vickie vixen

Traits of the characters are

  • Nice
  • Happy
  • Jealous
  • Aggressive ‘sociable
  • Likesmen
  • Humorous
  • Happy
  • Charismatic
  • Intelligent
  • Exhibitionism
  • Energetic
  • Sociable
  • Serious

Some more information about the game

Exhibitionism between- 100 and 1

Characters are shy and they expose their breasts or they even do not have any panties

When they are in hot tub character wears off swimming costumes

Exhibitionism at O

Characters are not at all shy as they are pretty frank in exposing everything

Characters are only shy if they do not have any panty

Exhibitionism between 1 and 49

Characters are obviously not shy as they are more into exposing everything

But they do feel shy when they do not have panty

Exhibitionism at 50

Here, characters are not shy if they do not have put on any clothes on their body

Exhibitionism between 51 and 100

Characters are not shy even when they are not naked

They are in fact fully naked when in the hot tub

Final words

These games have been designed especially for adults. So if you have not played it so you should if above than 18. Those who are less than 18 should not play this game. There are lots of vulgar scenes in the game which is obviously not good for children. But this game quite exists for the adults.

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