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The Gray Jedi Code is basically the mantra or the word that plays an important role in the life of Gray Jedi.  This code is similar to the Jedi code or the Sith Code.

The Gray Jedi Code was written by Leo Daniel who was the first Kage of the order. While stating about the code he said that he got the inspiration regarding the code when he was staying in Force strains. Let’s take a look at the meaning of each line given in the Gray Jedi Code.

Flowing through all, there is a balance:

Gray Jedi was having a belief that the force contains two sides the light side and the Dark Side. And also both sides cannot get separated without having any consequence in a negative direction.

He also believed that if the Dark Side got the dominance then and it will be hazardous for everyone. Additional Li, the light side was for peace. Both the sides were the part of the force and played an important role in maintaining the balance.

There is no peace without a passion to create/There is no passion without peace to guide

Grey Jedi Code

He believed that without passion nothing is possible. It is important to have passion because it is an integral part of life. Without having the passion the inner peace is not easy to avail.

Along with passion, it is also important to have inner peace. Without inner peace, passion is just like a Madness. Hence to make a balance in passion it is important to have peace also.

Knowledge fades without the strength to act/Power blinds without the serenity to see:

Further, he stated that truth plays an important role in the promotion of peace and knowledge. If there is no truth then the peace and the understanding of knowledge are just meaningless.

It is just like power without any purpose. Hence it is important to give peace and understanding a purposeful meaning.

There is freedom in life/There is a purpose in death

According to him, in order to live life, it is important to understand all the disorders and conclusions and also be balanced and equal at every level. This principle of freedom and purpose played an important role in maintaining the actions.

Sometimes it happens that some laws need to be broken and sometimes the confusion or disordered situations must be brought into order. But nothing is permanent in this world. There is a balance between the push and pull and this plays an important role in keeping the Galaxy alive and growing in the right direction. Life is all about change.

The Force is all things, and I am the Force

All the factors including light and dark life and death, peace and war, good and bad, actions and reactions and inactions and several others are related to Galaxy.4

He also believed that in order to be a garden of life one cannot choose any particular factor. It is important to accept all the aspects like emotions, death, rejection acceptance and others.


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