Food Fantasy Recipes List & Guide 2020

The new mobile restaurant management game has been introduced by the creators of Love Nikki Dress Up Queen. Yeah! Food Fantasy is a new game where people can assemble a number of various activities.

Be it turn-based RPG battles or recipe development, Food fantasy is taking the mind of every age nowadays. Initially, it may seem a little strenuous, but once you spend time on it, you definitely can be the master of the game.

There will come a momentous move, where you may need to upgrade the status of your restaurant. This will lead to having some awesome recipes for the clients.

Upgrading of the status will develop the game point of every player. The more you have the recipes, the more your customers will be happy and satisfied.

You also may come across with some failure, so you need to find out the particular recipes to improve. This article has brought guidance to develop your recipes successfully to improve your game.

Food Fantasy Recipes 2019

Food Fantasy Recipes

At the very beginning of the game, you’ll get a tutorial where you have to make options for the kind of food you want for the improvement of your game.

All these foods are from three different regions. One is the Light Kingdom, Second is Sakurajima or Gloriville. Different stage battles will allow you to have rewards as the ingredients to use in the recipes in order to the betterment of the game.

The preliminary recipes will be there depending upon the selection of your region in tutorial time. Selecting Sakurajima will give you the recipe of baked potato where Gloriville would give you French Fries as the initial recipe.

Gloriville Recipes

 French Fries Potato 1-3
 Crispy Pork Pork Belly 1-6
 Salad Cucumber, Lettuce, Carrot 2-2, 3-1, 3-5
 Eggplant Roll Potato, Eggplant 1-3, 2-7
 Smoked Salmon Salmon 4-2
 Roast Beef Beef Tenderloin 5-6
 Cheese Soup Bread, Cheese 4-4, 6-2
 Mushroom Soup Shiitake, Mushroom, Butter 6-8, 7-3, 7-8
 Fried Rice Cake Egg, Rice 5-2, 8-2
Pork Burger  Lettuce, Bread, Pork Loin 3-1, 4-4, 9-2
 Bacon Tofu Wraps Bacon, Tofu 10-3, 10-6
  Grilled Calamari Green Pepper, Onion, Octopus 6-6, 9-5, 11-4
 Popcorn Butter, Corn 7-8, 11-2
 Shortbread Flour, Butter, Milk 2-2, 7-8, 12-5
 Minestrone Cabbage, Spinach, Starch 13-5, 13-6, 13-9
 Pineapple Juice Pineapple, Honey 14-2, 14-6
 Apples Crisp Flour, Apple 12-2,15-1
  Chicken Pizza Diced Chicken, Cheese, Apple 16-5, 6-2, 15-1
 Roast Chicken Whole Chicken 16-6
  Mango Wrap Cream, Flour, Mango 11-7, 12-2, 17-3
 Fruit Salad Pineapple, Strawberry 14-3, 18-2
 Peanut Pie Egg, Flour, Peanut 5-2, 12-2, 19-3
 Pumpkin Soup Milk, Pumpkin 12-5, 20-5
 Hotteok Milk, Red Beans, Rice Flour 12-5, 19-5, 20-7
 Cheesy Yam Cheese, Purple Yam 6-2, 21-3
 Fried Cod Egg, Flour, Cod 5-2, 12-2, 22-2
 Fried Unagi Egg, Flour, Eel 5-2, 12-2, 22-5
Baked Lobster  Cheese, Rock Lobster 6-2, 23-5
 Crab Salad Lettuce, King Crab 3-1, 24-2 

Sukarajima Recipes

Baked Potato  Potato 1-3
Grilled Pork Belly  Pork Belly 1-6 
Cucumber Salad  Cucumber 2-2
 Boiled Lettuce Lettuce 3-1
Salmon Sashimi Salmon 4-2
 Mushroom Yaki Mushroom, Butter 7-3, 7-8
 Beef Tartare Egg, Beef Tenderloin 5-3, 5-6
 Tamagoyaki Carrot, Egg, Shiitake 3-1, 5-2, 6-8
 Omurice Egg, Rice 5-2, 8-2
 Shogayaki Pork Loin, Onion 9-2, 9-5
 Bacon Bites Bread, Cheese, Bacon 4-4, 6-2, 10-3
 Cold Tofu Tofu 10-6
 Grilled Corn Corn, Cream 11-2, 11-7
 Vegetable Tempura Eggplant, Shiitake, Flour 2-7, 6-8, 12-2
 Takoyaki Octopus, Flour, Caggabe 11-4, 12-2, 3-5
 Creamed Spinach Cream, Spinach 11-7, 13-6
 Apples and Cream Cream, Apple 11-7, 15-1
 Chicken Skewer Green Pepper, Diced Chicken 6-6, 16-5
 Fried Chicken Egg, Flour, Whole Chicken 5-2, 12-12, 16-6
 Mango Smoothie Cream, Mango 11-7, 17-3
 Strawberry Smoothie Cream, Milk, Strawberry 11-7, 12-5, 18-2
 Peanut Butter Crisp Milk, Flour, Peanut 12-5, 12-2, 19-3
 Cod Fillet Butter, Starch, Cod 7-8, 13-9, 22-2
 Piglet Daifuku Egg, Flour, Red Beans 5-2, 12-2, 19-5
 Pumpkin Muffin Honey, Red Beans, Pumpkin 14-6, 19-5, 20-5
 Yam Dumplings Rice Flour, Purple Yam 20-7, 21-3
 Unagi Don Rice, Eel 8-2, 22-5
 Lobster Sashimi Rock Lobster 23-5
 Crab Sashimi King Crab 24-2

Light Kingdom Recipes

 Stir Fried Potatoes Potato 1-3
 Braised Pork Pork Belly 1-6
 Braised Eggplant Eggplant 2-7
 Sauteed Lettuce Lettuce 3-1
Carrot Bread  Carrot, Bread 3-1, 4-4
  Cucumber Egg Stir-Fry Cucumber, Egg 2-2, 5-2
  Black Pepper Beef Beef Tenderloin, Green Pepper 5-6, 6-6
Sauteed Mushrooms  Shiitake, Mushroom 6-8, 7-3
 Egg Fried Rice Egg, Rice 5-2, 8-2
 Salmon Fried Rice Salmon, Rice, Onion 4-2, 8-2, 9-5
 Onion Fried Rice Rice, Pork Loin, Onion 8-2, 9-2, 9-5
 Bacon Fried Rice Carrot, Rice, Bacon 3-1, 8-2, 10-3
Braised Octopus Green Pepper, Octopus 6-6, 11-4
 Risotto Cheese, Rice, Cream 6-2, 8-2, 11-7
 Butter Bread Egg, Butter, Flour 5-2, 7-8, 12-2
  Emerald Roll Cabbage, Spinach 13-5, 13-6
 Corn Pie Corn, Starch 11-5, 13-9
 Toffee Apple Starch, Apple 13-9, 15-1
 Pineapple Fried Rice Rice, Pineapple 8-2, 14-3
  Chicken Soup Shiitake, Whole Chicken 6-8, 16-6
 Mango Pudding Egg, Milk, Mango 5-2, 12-5, 17-3
 Strawberry Ice Cream Cream, Milk, Strawberry 11-7, 12-5, 18-2
 Red Bean Pudding Milk, Red Beans 12-5, 19-5
 Kung Pao Chicken Diced Chicken, Peanut 16-5, 19-3
 Pumpkin Pie Honey, Pumpkin, Rice Flour 14-6, 20-5, 20-7
 Sweet Yam Buns Egg, Flour, Purple Yam 5-2, 12-2, 21-3
 Steamed Cod Tofu, Cod 6-8, 22-2
 Steamed Unagi Shiitake, Eel 6-8, 22-5
 Garlic Lobster Rock Lobster23-5 
 Crab Hotpot Shiitake, Tofu, King Crab 6-8, 10-6, 24-2

Lost Recipes

 Calamari Skewer 5 Make 5 recipes
Garlic Oysters 8 Submit 5 Calamari Skewers
 Grilled Prawns10  Cook C rated recipes 8 times
 Pickled Salmon Head12 Challenge Parisel stage 1-1
 Tomato & Eggs14 Complete Mischief 3 times
 Steamed Mushrooms16  Challenge Parisel stage 1-2
 Spaghetti18 Complete 2 Take-out orders from Gloriville
 Har Gow20 Develop recipes 2 times 
Gold Cake 22 Complete all daily missions
 Mixed Greens24 Challenge Parisel stage 4-2
 Stir Fried Mussels26 Serve 100 regular customers in your restaurant
 Mushroom Alfredo28 Re-collect 15 Low-Grade Screws
 Cah Siu Bao30 Make 10 recipes of any kind
Spinach Noodles 32 Challenge Parisel stage 6-2
 Mint Pineapple34 Complete 5 Take-out orders from Gloriville
 Apple Sangria36 Collect and submit 10 Spinach
 Braised Lamb38 Bring any Control series talent into battle
 Mushroom Chicken Stew40 Challenge Spring Outskirts 9-2
 Matcha Cake41 Defeat 20 Dine and Dash customers
 Cappucino42 Re-collect 50 Mints
 Fruit Tea44 Complete all daily missions
 Lemon Pie45 Develop recipes 3 times
Meat Zongzi 47 Challenge Spring Outskirts 12-2
Stuffed Lotus Root 49 Submit 20 Lemon Pies
 Lotus Root Stir Fry50Complete 10 orders From Nevras
Black Fungus Congee 52 Collect and submit 10 high-quality Seasoning

Unlock Recipes From Other Regions

You need to be the master of your region to take up other recipes from another region.  This signifies if you want to have Beef Tartare from the region Sakurajima, but your base region is the Light Kingdom( at the tutorial time), you must have to the learn all recipes of your base region.

Develop recipes from the main Region:

The more you play, the more you can unlock the recipes. You can look after your unlocked recipes but you have to continue your work of research and development in your restaurant.

All the tracks will be recorded via a Develop tab. here you can all the list of 30 recipes along with the details. Go through all the recipes of top to bottom to finish the development of the recipe of the region and restaurant.

Some of the recipes may seem to be a bit difficult in the upper stages, so it is better to finish it up at the earlier stages in the circle of the region. All the description will disclose the ingredients included in the recipes.

Therefore, you can complete the early recipes at the primary stage. Finishing the stage battle with three Stars, you are allowed to have the auto-replay to know the important resources.

Recipes To Improve

Flavour, aroma, texture, these are the various stages of the recipes. all this status can be upgraded. You can do this with the Improve tab of Develop menu or else can choose some other paths. Yes! Preparing food a couple of time or stirring with extra spices can also be helpful for your game.

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