Fallout New Vegas Item Codes

Games have actually taken over the world in tones of ways and there most of the players are even earning money, a really good source of income every month just by playing or developing games right from the comfort of their home.

This is totally the advancement of the country that has helped the people to grow and develop in a variety of ways, but only if you know there are few such games playing which we cannot earn money, but it can be a great entertainer after a stressful day for sure. The fallout New Vegas is one such that we are discussing in here.

Yes, when it comes to this particular game, you need to know that you can use a certain level of item codes or probably even the cheat codes that would work pretty much cool and there it can be helpful for all of us players to win the game and store the resources unlimitedly.

We have yet mentioned a few important details about this particular game and there you can simply go on with the same for sure.

Fallout: The New Vegas

Well, this is particularly a game that has served pretty much great to all the players in the online community and on the internet community though. Of course, who does not love games? Especially if those games can be won with the help of cheat codes though? Yes, we would all love it and we would consistently want to keep playing the game without any certain hurdles for sure.

However, this particular game is all about the battlefield or the war kind of games wherein you will have some missions to be fulfilled in order to win the game without losing out on your teammates and your life of course.

Yes, sounds interesting right? You can merely start playing this particular game without having to worry about the scores and ranks. Well, it is important that you keep your resources and weapons in the game perfectly safe and use it pretty carefully.

Fallout New Vegas Item Codes

Now, as you know that there are game codes or the cheat codes that can be used in order to win and keep earning the resources within the game and which will eventually help you to win as well. We have got some item codes that you can use in the game:

  • Use tgm, to get unlimited life, ammo and the God mode!
  • Using tdm, would help you with health will be unlimited but not the ammo.
  • Use tm to activate the menus
  • Want a camera? Use tfc.
  • Kill, which is used for killing monsters, and animals in the game.

There are also cheat codes that can be used to get unlimited weapons within the game, and one can pretty easily use such codes to get weapons.


Now you are certainly aware that using such codes would be totally easy and can be used by anyone without any hurdles just to win the game.

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