Fallout 4 console commands list

Fallout 4 Console: These games are modern games and that is why they look very attractive. They indeed serve a good source of entrainment. It summons an item or NPC from thin air and to make yourself immortal with some of fallout 4 console commands and cheats.

The player will have to press the tilde key (¬) and then it will help in unlocking the console. This will help you in getting superpowers and spawn weapons and monsters and it even changes your stats and attributes, speeds up with time and this even completes the game with one tap of the enter key.

4 cheats and console commands

  • Tcl – there will be no collision. Walkthrough walls then walk into the sky. Then be free.
  • Tgm – there will be good old god mode.
  • Csb – thi sresets blood and damage effects.
  • Tfc – this one activates free camera
  • Tfc 1 – it is same as tfc but this one freezes all animations. It is even great for screenshots.
  • Csb – it resets blood and even damages effects.
  • Tm – it even toggles menus and UI on and off. This even halts you from seeing and experiencing the console.
  • What you will need to do is to press tilde and type tm again blind for getting the UI back.
  • Fov – (the first person FOV) (third-person FOV) – it even changes the FOV
  • Fix the timescale to (insert number here) – it even speeds up or slows downtime. The default setting is even 16.1 is real-time, 10,000 is even crazy. One can even be sure about the look when the time is on fast forward because of the sun and the moon actually.
  • COC (Cell id) – it even teleports the player to an area

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Ways to change the character in the Fallout 4 console commands

The moment you want, you can change your character. Here are different ways to do it –

  • Player. Set race (race id) – it even changes your race (the example of it is ghoul, mutant). One can even find race IDs with the help of function. But be careful of the reverse side effects (most of the races for just making it crash)
  • Showlooksmenu player 1 – it even reopens the character customization menu so one can even change your look.
  • Player. Resethelath- this one demands about resetting your health
  • Setgs fjumheightMin (insert number here) – it modifies the jump. Fix it high for stopping over buildings such as the incredible Hulk.

NOTE- if anyone turns up god mode, the falling damages from your own jump which would kill you.

Player.setav (character variable) (number) – this one even sets a character trait for the new value. Modav, it would unlock perks when one changes your stats.


so this game also stands different from the line as it serves a good deal about its functions. These games are indeed very easy to play. If you have to experience different types of games then try this one. There are many steps under this game pick up from level one.


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