Escape From Tarkov Interchange Map

Every single shake Tarkov map has its unique features. All of them offer many challenges, loot, and areas waiting to be explored. During this Guide, we’ll feature all of the currently available shake Tarkov maps, completed with general strategy overview, risk-reward analysis, and a few tips and tricks. we’ve decided to work out which shake Tarkov Map is that the best for various purposes including the simplest PvP map, the simplest map for scavengers, looters, and therefore the best EfT map for beginners.

Escape from Tarkov tasks players with collecting weapons and other pieces of kit and extract safely with all of their loot. Knowing all of the extraction points on each of those maps may be a handy tool a player can use to form sure they need the maximum amount of success as possible. one among these shake Tarkov maps is named Interchange, and that we have all of the Interchange map extraction points covered for you.

Escape from Tarkov Interchange Map Extraction Points

There are a complete of three extraction points on this particular map that players can use to go away the world and keep all of the powerful loot pieces they’ll have acquired during their playing session. However, you’ll not use all of the Interchange map extraction points in shake Tarkov whenever you’d like. a number of these locations have requirements that have got to be met for them to be used. Others can only be used once during a match. At an equivalent time, some are controlled by certain factions, which suggests players got to remember how each of those areas operates to form sure they are doing not get caught during a sticky situation when trying to extract from the Interchange map in shake Tarkov.

You can find all of the extraction points available for players to use on the shake Tarkov Interchange map within the image below courtesy of Gamepedia.

We’ve highlighted each of the extraction zones in red on the image above for straightforward identification (the top left map), but we’d wish to give full credit to creators Lorathor and Reddit user sghf for the core map. There are only three extraction points on this map, all of them outside of most malls. Remember than when you’re trying to plan your path out. Here’s a touch more detail on each:

Railway (NW): Located right up to within the northwest corner of the map, this extraction point is one among the furthest from the mall itself. Stand between the railway tracks and line to the top to start extraction. watch out for players camping near this extraction zone for straightforward kills.

Power Plant (NE): The Northeast of the mall (again within the corner of the map) is that the power station extraction point. Remember you want to be next to the car at the top of the timer to extract. This one is on the brink of the mall, making it easy to succeed. However, it isn’t always open, takes an extended time and it’ll cost you the batch of 3000 Rubles to extract from here. If another player extracts here first, the facility plant route will close.

Emercom Checkpoint (SE): the ultimate Interchange extraction point is on the southeast fringe of the map. Make your way down the road and past the vehicles until you reach the blockaded path next to the long trailer. Stand by the truck and you’ll begin to extract.

Those are all three Interchange map extraction points in shake Tarkov. They’re pretty simple on this map compared to the others, but it’s still worth practicing your routes to them for once you got to get out. trying to find more Tarkov guides? The links below might assist you out.

Best Keys For Interchange

Interchange isn’t as key-dependent of a map as Customs is, especially for newcomers who just want to hit up Oli or Idea. However, there are definitely still some keys that are worth grabbing once you would like to actually master this map.

Kiba Keys – Yes, you would like two keys to enter the Kiba weapons store – key to Kiba store outlet and key to Kiba outlet grate door. While I wouldn’t recommend getting to this location as a beginner in Tarkov, it’s a number of the simplest loot on the map. This store has two weapon crates, cash registers, also as possible spawns for weapons, weapons mods, ammunition, grenades, and even armor. These keys are pricey, however, costing approximately 1.2M rubles and 100k rubles, respectively.

Key to Emercom Medical Unit – Another great key for Interchange, this key gives you access to 3 medical bags, a jacket, a possible LEDX spawn, a possible graphics card spawn, and loose loot spawns of medical items. This key will run you about 80k rubles.

Tips For Interchange

Watch out for exit campers – Exit campers tend to be more common on this map thanks to the very fact that there are only two open extractions. If you’re expecting these campers, however, you’ll increase your odds of escaping or maybe catch the campers off guard and score a couple of more kills before extraction.

Bring a flashlight – Flashlights are very useful on this map because the inside the mall is dimly lit in most places. Attaching a flashlight to your weapon makes spotting loose loot or the occasional player lurking within the shadows much easier.

Important Locations

Oli and Idea – These two ends of the mall are very similar, and that they are the bread and butter for Tarkov beginners on this map. While the inner workings of the mall are often complex, this loot path is safe, simple, and profitable.

Power Station – This building, situated within the northeast corner of the map, maybe a nice location with many loots. Among the loot maybe a total of 5 jackets, which are bound to net you a minimum of a few keys with each visit. This location also has an optional one-use extract, costing just 3k rubles to use.

Shopping Mall – This central a part of the Ultra Mall is home to 2 floors of the many small shops. a number of the foremost value of the shops here include Kiba (Weapons), Techlight (tech items and tools), and Emercom (medical supplies). Also, you’ll find Killa, another of Tarkov’s scav bosses, roaming around this area of the map. This stuff combined make this area of the map dangerous and confusing to navigate, and that I wouldn’t recommend trying to explore it once you are still new the sport.

It should be noted that Battlestate Games currently features a small rework for the lighting and extractions on Interchange planned, so both of those tips may only be useful for a brief time.

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