Dreams of Desire Walkthrough & Guide

Dreams of desire walkthrough are one of the very demanding games which have offered something worth spending their time. Well, this has a complete guide which would become your help to do it.

Table of Contents

Day 1

  • Give a warning about Mrs. turner to Marcus
  • Then go to the party of the Marcus
  • Peek, and watch it till the end but there should not be any kind of act (masurba*te) + 2 lust points
  • Any choice! Here the player is allowed to choosing anything which he or she likes because one will have more content modelled on their choice.
  • Suggestion: pick up always the same throughout one playthrough

Day 2

  • Now skip the system but you should not skip the shower
  • Then talk to Mrs Turner for getting some information and then single out the topics for progress.
  • Now compliment the food +1 trust. But here you will have to compliment her cleavage +2 lust points.
  • Now store – compliment her +1 lust points but for staying silent has no impact
  • A choice about clothing – One must reveal about outfits: they need 5 lust points and Mrs. Turner will not be just for you.

The conservative outfit – Mrs Turner will be only for you

  • Evening and night choices – your choice (but try to pick up always the same)

Dreams of desire walkthrough and guide

Day 3

  • Breakfast, PC, then read the messages and finally talk to Mrs. Turner. Then compliment her outfit +1 lust points and because food offers no points.
  • Yoga studio –

Left door – one would spy on Latisha and stop it when she has her yoga pants on

Right door – game over

  • Tracy’s choices – Become a helping hand + 1 trust you need this point if you will need to ask her for help with her bikini

Sleep More – there will not be any help with her bikini

  • Dinner choices – Here one need not to insult Tracy and complete the meal once you see ‘Alice’ topic
  • After dinner choices – one does not peek on Tracy (it is game over)
  • Mrs turner choice – each one decision will take you to a different scene with Mrs Turner on day 5
  • Night choices – there is one mandatory suggestion which is always pick up the same.

Day 4

  • One can play the mini-game and check out everything
  • Get the items – the key of the Tracy will be there on the Terrace in the plants and publisher’s contact info is in Mrs. Turner’s room in the right bedside of the table
  • Now click on the laptop – click on your PC (your room). Finally click on the sixth navigation button slot.
  • Library > the choice of Latisha, one can employ the spell on her or not! This would be a prominent decision along with big impact and changes in the next days.

Final words

This is obviously game which soothes one’s heart after playing.


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