DDR3 vs DDR4 Worth The Upgrade? 2020

Planning to purchase a new system and there arises a confusion when you start hearing about a new term DDR4 RAM in the market. DDR3 RAM will be the most usual product which you have been heard and it is from decades ago.

If there is an introduction of a new module in the market you people will be very much confused in updating the new product and the confusion arises whether the new module is worth it or it is good to update. Here let us the changes given in DDR4 RAM.

Is there any physical changes

Suppose if we plan to jump to the new technology the first question arises in our mind is whether it is physically changed. And it has proved that DDR4 RAM has been physically changed this DDR3 RAM is built with 240 pin package and DDR4 RAM is built with 288 pin package and this completely helps to boost the bandwidth capacity.


And also the module length slightly differs from DDR3 to DDR4 show the routing process becomes very easier in DDR4 RAM.

Voltage condition

The next aspect to consider is about power consumption, and this DDR4 RAM has proved that it minimizes the power and it operates at very low power voltage when compared to DDR3. This DDR4 RAM works under good voltage condition and product also will remain very stable when normal power is transmitted.

Stability performances

In DDR3 RAM module only single voltage is applied for the whole module setup thus it produces a significant voltage drop and also it affects the stability performances.

DDR3 vs DDR4

So a new design is implemented in DDR4 RAM with a very low voltage which separates power for each and every memory chip and the power reaches individually to every chip does the whole module stability is not affected and the voltage condition is also very dependent which helps to improve the stability performances.

Algorithm module

DDR4 RAM is operated with synchronous mode and with the help of synchronous dynamic random access memory which is very faster and here completely it avoids the signal drift process in the algorithm.

Since it is operated at a very good algorithm it produces minimum clock speed and it helps to increase the bandwidth of the product.

Memory storage capacity 

Memory capacity in DDR4 is very long it has no maximum capacity it has the procedure of allowing more storage system that is more amount of data in the memory.

Thus the capacity of storing a higher amount of data in DDR4 RAM memory is available. The product is very compatible to use and it is a very user-friendly device it has the capability to support all the systems.


When compared to DDR3 RAM this DDR4 RAM is very better in all conditions and it has the capability of boosting up over the previous generation RAMs.

Thus purchasing DDR4 RAM is worth and the price is also not very high it is similar to DDR3 RAM and purchasing DDR4 is the completely worthy product.

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