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All CS:GO Ranks List

Counterstrike Ranking:  Counter-Strike GO, a game that has stormed the gaming market in a few days. Game lovers are going absolutely crazy for it. The ranking system of CS: GO is the right key to measure the skills of a player.

This will let the players compare their game with other players in the matchmaking. The more you play the more Counter-Strike will mesmerize you to spend all of your interest.

An obscure emotion works on it to play the game. Placing in the rank list, a high feel perceived by all the players. A contempt feeling comes on the mind once de-ranking occurred. All the fit of temper can be avoided with hard work, talent, dexterity, and nimbleness.

What CS GO rank means:

With the tiers, a player can be classified. Basically, a gamer’s performance can match up the other performances of players. A rank will specify the exact position of the game comparing some extra specification or exceptions.

Greater skills, evasion, proficiency, and knowledge of this game will automatically increase the celerity of the rank.

CSGO Ranks

Welcome to official website of csgo ranking list

2CSGO Ranks Silver 2 CSGO (S2)
3Silver 3Silver III (S3)
4 Silver IV (S4)
5 Silver Elite (SE)
6Silver Elite Master (SEM)Silver Elite Master (SEM)
7Gold NovaGold Nova I (GN1)
8Gold Nova I (GN2)
9 Gold Nova III (GN3
10Gold Nova Master (GNM/GN4)
11Master Guardian I (MG/MG1);
12 Master Guardian II (MG2);
13 Master Guardian Elite (MGE);
14 Distinguished Master Guardian CS:GO (DMG)
15Legendary Eagle (LE)
16Legendary Eagle Master (LEM CSGO);
17Supreme Master First Class (SMFC)
18Global Elite CS GO (GE)

CS: GO Experience Levels Full List

Recruit Rank 0
1,000 XP
Private Rank 1
5,000 XP
1,000 XP
Private Rank 2
5,000 XP
6,000 XP
Private Rank 3
5,000 XP
11,000 XP
Private Rank 4
5,000 XP
16,000 XP
Corporal Rank 5
5,000 XP
21,000 XP
Corporal Rank 6
5,000 XP
26,000 XP
Corporal Rank 7
5,000 XP
31,000 XP
Corporal Rank 8
5,000 XP
36,000 XP
Sergeant Rank 9
5,000 XP
41,000 XP
Sergeant Rank 10
5,000 XP
46,000 XP
Sergeant Rank 11
5,000 XP
51,000 XP
Sergeant Rank 12
5,000 XP
56,000 XP
Master Sergeant Rank 13
5,000 XP
61,000 XP
Master Sergeant Rank 14
5,000 XP
66,000 XP
Master Sergeant Rank 15
5,000 XP
71,000 XP
Master Sergeant Rank 16
5,000 XP
76,000 XP
Sergeant Major Rank 17
5,000 XP
81,000 XP
Sergeant Major Rank 18
5,000 XP
86,000 XP
Sergeant Major Rank 19
5,000 XP
91,000 XP
Sergeant Major Rank 20
5,000 XP
96,000 XP
Lieutenant Rank 21
5,000 XP
101,000 XP
Lieutenant Rank 22
5,000 XP
106,000 XP
Lieutenant Rank 23
5,000 XP
111,000 XP
Lieutenant Rank 24
5,000 XP
116,000 XP
Captain Rank 25
5,000 XP
121,000 XP
Captain Rank 26
5,000 XP
126,000 XP
Captain Rank 27
5,000 XP
131,000 XP
Captain Rank 28
5,000 XP
136,000 XP
Major Rank 29
5,000 XP
141,000 XP
Major Rank 30
5,000 XP
146,000 XP
Major Rank 31
5,000 XP
151,000 XP
Major Rank 32
5,000 XP
156,000 XP
Colonel Rank 33
5,000 XP
161,000 XP
Colonel Rank 34
5,000 XP
166,000 XP
Colonel Rank 35
5,000 XP
171,000 XP
Brigadier General Rank 36
5,000 XP
176,000 XP
Major General Rank 37
5,000 XP
181,000 XP
Lieutenant General Rank 38
5,000 XP
186,000 XP
General Rank 39
5,000 XP
191,000 XP
Global General Rank 40
196,000 XP

How to get Rank on CS GO:

Being inexpert to Counter-Strike go is not offensive at all. you just need the right fountainhead to make it as your cup of tea. Hanging over little time on CSGO will definitely going to turn as a proficient player.

To receive the medals and switching the cosmetic skin, a rewarding system has been introduced. This system includes various level from one to 40 increasingly.

If you have spent a pretty good time on Counterstrike go, you can notice the transformation of metal colours with respect to the quantum of playing. Colour variations of medals take place in every 40 times a player rank up in a conferred year. You can kindred it like a call of duty.

Valve created game modes such as Demolition, Arms Race, Casual; Deathmatch etc will lead you to unfold the competitive Matchmaking. You just need to play the above games to reach level two. Only the second level of the game can give you the allowance to ingress in Matchmaking.

The picked flavour of Counter-Strike GO is lying on it. After winning 10 competitive matches player are susceptible to know or watch their ranks on cs go. From different ranks, several players will be diluted in your rank placement. you will be commenced in the lower tiers up to the halfway of your placement growth.

As you are at the beginning of the game with a certain account, you are allowed to enjoy the two competitive wins in 24 hours. However, these restrictions can be omitted after the 10tyh level of the game.

Valve accomplished this process to balance the smurf uses by higher-ranked players. but it’s not going to affect the smurfing. You may pretend that the two wins in 24 hours will rank you up on the fifth day of Matchmaking. Winning 10 competitive matches will clearly sharp your skills to grow a bit by bit on the game. Thus, your game scoreboard will look better gradually.

The rank you acquired will demonstrate beneath your username, only if you have attained the stripes. You can watch your ranks on the start-up screen or in the match scoreboards. All the players can enjoy the solo game or can join a team. You can also check out the ranks of all the teammates.

A proper plan to Increase the CS GO rank:

Run and shoot, the opponents may seem very simple, but that’s not easy at all. Shooting point is very perplexing. Before you start, you need to learn about the machines, all the properties and the characteristics of the weapons, detailing of the maps and the strategies to defend the opponents.

So many features of this game are hidden, You can reveal it once you start to play it with a deep heart. Continuous practice of the game will bring proficiency, technique and develop the artfulness of a player. Patience is a high need at the initial period of the game. Many players lose their patience at the starting and spoil their enthusiasm for the game.

Here are the steps to increase the level of the game and get the first rank on CSGo without losing the patience of the players.

  • Know the basic rules of the game. You may be the noobs in the game for the first time. But, spending little time will let you undergo the deep segment of the game. Try to now the character and about each weapon, using time, and moving time. These will stabilize your feet on the game.
  • Try to play the different modes of counterstrike go (Online). You can leave the competitive games for the next rounds. This will let you know the quick look of the multi-players and community.”Deathmatch” which involves respawns or various weapons and “Casual” (Just like the competitive matchmaking) can be the best option for all the beginners. These will allow you to acquaint knowledge and experience in the game. Not only this. These will add up some points to move forward to the next levels in the game. This condition can move your position for the first rank of your account.
  • Now you are all set to play the competitive matchmaking. The second experience level gave you enough celebrity to play the game in the right direction. Now you need to finish 10 CS GO matches. These 10 Competitive matchmakings will help you to know the worth. It’s the right process for the valuation of your skills and talent. You have to fight with weak opponents in the First ranking matches. Afterwards, the potency of these opponents will grow gradually. Later face-offs will surely prove your calibre, quality, and strength.
  • The first rankings are the kick start of your pathway on CS GO.keep playing Competitive CS Go games. Increasing skills, cleverness, knack, legerity and well strategy will definitely turn your feet more glorious on Counterstrike GO.

Now you are all set to hit the floor of Counter-Strike. Hope there is no confusion regarding CS GO ranks. Do not forget to let us know about the article. Drop your valuable comments on the below box.

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