Case clicker codes 2020

Case clicker is a type of Roblox game and this type of game is designed by the group of skilled scripter’s. In this game, you have the possibility of purchasing many cases and you can have traded between many peoples and also you have the opportunity money in case box.

The other features available in this game are you can play to win the jackpot. This game was introduced in the year 2014 on March 4th and it has over 33 million users for this interesting attractive game.

Case clicker codes

Here in case clicker codes, there are many exclusive items which are available and these codes it can be given out with many skilled scriptures and also in many other ways. Some of the codes are

  • MILKYWAY: this is the code which was received and awarded by dominos galaxies and it is the source of Roblox Ad.
  • ISAWTHED: this is the code which was awarded by bombastic Domino and it is the source of Roblox Ad.
  • WEHIT31KONTWITTER: this is the item which was awarded by Black fiery horns and it is the source which was spotted in the value list.

Overview of case box

For the beginners of this game, you will receive instant and 10,000 cases bux to start playing this game this is one of the interesting and attractive opportunities in this game.

The main objective is people who receive the case box should become richer and they should start trading with other people. Still, there are many more attracting features that are available in this game.

Some features of this game

There are many special features which are available in this game they are

  • Rebirthing: this feature will help you to rebirth all your case bux and RAP. This feature will help you to get some amount of money. In this Rebirthing feature, you will have a leader board and this is dedicated to TIX where you will be getting after this rebirthing feature.
  • Jackpot: jackpot is one of another interesting feature which is available in inside the game of case clicker and here the main motto of the people focuses to have to complete the highest percentage of Jackpot. For which they will try to put any numbers of items inside the Jackpot and the winners will completely win all the items and also the people will try to receive even more items from the game.
  • Code items: This code item feature which is very essential for this game since you can receive many items after adding new codes.


In this game, there are many numbers of cases that are available in this game that is case bux1 which are available with only Roblox currency. Some of the cases are

  • Uncommon: 10000 case bux(Rare items common and uncommon)
  • Common: 2000 case bux (uncommon and common items)
  • Epic: 400000 case bux(Rare legendary common and uncommon items)
  • Mystic: 4000000 case bux(mystic legendary and epic items)

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