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CapitalOne is one of the leading Financial Corporation of Unites States that specializes in credit cards, banking, savings accounts, and auto loans, etc. It is one of the most trusted financial institutions of the US whose has won the honour of being 8th largest banking corporation of USA as per deposits and assets and is considered to be 10th largest banks of USA as per total asset values.

  • Are you willing to start your journey with CAPITAL ONE?
  • Are you looking here how to activate your CAPITAL ONE credit/debit card?
  • If yes, you are going to get a perfect solution here.

Prerequisites for activating CAPITAL ONE credit/debit card

 CAPITAL ONE is one of the leading financial firms of the US that offers a variety of different business credit and debit cards for their users. Users are free to here various discount coupons, cashback offers, gifts, credit points and much more just by opting for these services. Before starting up with the actual step by step activation process of CAPTIAL ONE credit/debit cards, lets here get started with the prerequisites first.

  • CAPITAL ONE credit/debit card
  • Banking ID for verification
  • Passcode (being provided by the bank)
  • Personal identity for verification

How to activate CAPITAL ONE credit/debit card?

 Once you have all set with the prerequisites, you can easily get started with any of the provided two solutions below:

Solution 1: Activate CAPITAL ONE credit/debit card using the phone

This process of activation of CAPITAL ONE credit/debit card is quite easy and just a call behind to its toll-free number. The only things you have to do here are:

  • Make a call at the toll-free number at 1 (800) 678 7820.
  • You will be get connected to the customer care executive here.
  • Just answer a few questions being asked by the concerned executive such as your card needs and document details of your debit card.
  • Once done, your card will be activated just a few minutes later and you will get a notification message regarding the same also.

Solution 2: Using online sources

 One can easily activate their CAPITAL ONE credit/debit card using online resources also. The only things you have to follow on here are:

  • Launch your web browser and then go to the official website of CAPITAL ONE at
  • the official web page of CAPITAL ONE will be loaded on your home screen.
  • You will be now asked to enter your online banking user ID and password here.
  • Just add them very carefully. If you not have done with the registration part yet, get enrol in CAPITAL ONE and then continue with the process later.
  • Go to the dashboard and then tap on the Manage Card Services option.
  • Once done, now select the option of Activate CAPITAL ONE CARD.
  • You will be now asked to enter your debit card number here. It is a 16-digit number and you can find it on your credit card or debit card easily.
  • Just enter this 16-digit credit/debit card number along with its expiration date to complete the activation process.
  • Add the CVV of your credit/debit card in the provided space.
  • Once done, your CAPITAL ONE credit/debit card will be activated in just a few seconds.
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