Bios hock 2 door codes

Thrilling Bios hock door games completely designed with a lot of excitement it is a different type of environment. It is a Different type of game designed with accessed with codes and the player should access record when they enter into the game.

Crowd the complete rupture in the game the doors will become across for every access door entrance. Only then the player can enter into the next level.

Bios Hock 2 Door Codes

Shortly after introducing every lock for the audio diaries that is returned in the scribbled type of messages and sometimes in the form of written notes many of the locks can be opened or it can be hacked when it is required. It is designed with a different type of features which is very attracted.

The nature behind the scene

It is possible to completely open every lock when the player keenly listens to the diary of the audio which will be contained with a different type of correlated codes. Initially, first door will be opened with the help of medical pavilion shock after then simultaneously every door here will have several types of reference force.

Different type of Bio Shock codes

Adonis luxury resort: It is the code which is useful for opening the door with the help of audio diary and it is completely used for drilling the fuel and fitness inside.

Siren alley: It is the code designed with dialogue audio and the door will be opened into the progress when the date of the code is assigned.

Fontaine futuristic: It is the code that is tied up with corpse wall in the type of plasma showroom code and it is designed for bandages money and ammo inside.

Inner Persephone: It is the code designed with audio logs in the last two digits and the first two digits and it will be here near the toilet tank of the being that is folded near and it will be opened in order to progress when the code is typed.

Minerva den operations: The audio code that is running in the form of books code which will be kept in the bookshelf office and it is very safe that contains shells money e and it is easy to access the master input console. It is set with different ideas progressed in an effective way to control the entire panel set in the game.

These are the different type of codes that will help you to open the lock codes and you will feel better to achieve the game easily. Bio Shock game is designed with different resources and training tools most of the people find the code in a secret way thrilling game which contains a completely troubleshooting type of resources.

It is also a user-friendly game if you feel any difficulties if you follow the guide you can easily complete the task cheating procedure is also used herein which you can follow the procedure to open the blocked nose easily.


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