Best Kodi Addons for Movies

Kodi add-ons which you regularly e updates buy new add on and its current page will be always filled with new ones by replacing the old add-ons. This is the top current working site and it is one of the very popular and the best site to view popular movies.

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best Kodi addons movies

You should be very careful that while using Kodi add-ons good VPN should be used only then you can use it with following privacy and good security or else setting problems will be raised if you don’t use good VPN.

Exodus redux

Redux works very well and it is very good for searching in the internet and it automatically pulls the corresponding links.

Kodi Adddons for Movies

This add on it is usually updated by the use of open scrappers and simultaneously the old version will be replaced to the new version. This add-on will support very well for finding links for movies and as well as for TV shows.

The magic dragon

This is also one of the very popular add on and it is more famous for movie and TV shows. It gives the option to choose multiple links that includes for Oload Paring and also it includes real debrid.

The magic dragon add-on includes documentary films, music, kid’s session, sports many catch up TV parts, TV entertainment and much more categories.


Numbers is also one of the very popular greatest add-ons that consists of a lot of contents and it is very interesting which includes TV shows and movies.

In the main menu itself, it has different various session named as networks documentaries, box sets, TV shows, my TV shows, search boxes movies and tools. Based on the category you can choose your best option and number s add-on which has the capacity of using both HD links and standard links.


Tempest is one of the recently updated versions like Exodus and other Forks and this setup which has different sessions that includes TV shows and movies. It has the capacity of automatically updating the old plug-in to the new plug-in version.

Tubi TV

Tubi TV is one of the very fastest and well popular add-ons which consists of latest movies and popular attracting TV shows. It is built with one click play button and it also contains many contents and stations which is built with attracting features.

Here you can even watch the reality shows, action, drama, new release movies, comedy, most popular cinemas, recently added cinemas, TV shows, standup and much more categories.

Nole cinema

It is one of the popular links which is very famous for several months and here you have many attractive plenty add-on movies and many of the people are very attracted to it.

Since it is built with many different category movies and here it is built with 4K community Hall which contains 200 plus titles. And you have variety of sessions for entertainment.

These are some of the various famous add-on links and these are most famous and popular links and should be used with good VPN.

Neptune Rising

Kodi Add-one for movies 2019

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