Another Eden tier list & Best Characters

Are you a game junkie? So you must be looking for some interesting game where each day would be full of adventure. So those who have wholeheartedly loved this Eden then they have one another list which they can surely enjoy. When new characters are introduced in the game! they all come with a purpose.

It is never about replacing one character from the list it is always about making its own place. Each character in the games holds some specific feature which makes the game popular. The minors are neither less because they let others big characters into limelight.

So you must have heard this where there is defeat there is winning also. This applies perfectly in the games. But if you are new to this game you can still learn about this game and still play. Here is the another Eden tier list –

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Another Eden Tier List

These five are the major characters and they are responsible for adding spices to the game. They are blessed with so many features such as healing, fire damage, damage input and so on. If you are getting these five characters you really should use them in the improvement.

Another Eden Tier List

A Tier – This character is full of qualities such as Mighty, Toova, Laclair and Nagi.

B Tier – Cerrine, Ewan, Gariyu, Levia and Lokido etc.

C tier – Cetie, Anabel, Isuka

S Tier – Mariel, Suzette, Yuna, Shion, Azami

Check on this list. Best 4 characters

When you will start playing this game you will be asked for doing a free 4* draw.  This game is going to be lit when you have those five major characters and these 4 characters. Here are the names of best fiur characters –

S tier – lele, Shion, Mariel, Miyu, Ciel, Helena, Nagi, Akane, cerrine.

B tier – Yuno.Isuka, cyrus, azami, Deirdre, Chiyo, Aldo, Ruina, Otoha, Soira, Cyrus, Breeno, Raven, Sevyn, Mighty.

A tier – Prai, Erna, Riica, Parisa, Amy, Nero, Toova, Feinna, Pom, Laclair, cetie, Anabel, Parisa, Suzette, bivette.

C Tier – Yio, Ewan, Rovella, Cyuca, jade, Lingli, Myron, Rufus, May, Benedict, Foran.

So these are the names which are best and full of quality. They will surely make the game very much interesting. There is so much good about them.

When you would start playing the game! Gradually you will start understanding the games. Another Eden has got so much famous among people.

There is no iota of doubt that they are going to add fun into your list. Because each character is like flavours of ice cream, you do not what would be the taste? You only know there will only be enjoyable.  So if you got a full list of the game now you are ready for playing.

But still, keep this mind you cannot treat each character similar. Because they all have their strength and weaknesses! So enjoy another Eden game but do not forget to look at this list if you truly want to play and enjoy this game. All the best play nicely and enjoy your time.


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