Ultimate! AFK arena guide

The easygoing card game AFK Arena is a popular game created by LILITH games. the game itself consists of lots of amazing characters with 45  heroes. Altogether this huge number of heroes forms a very strong team. The enchanting graphics of this game take over everyone’ eyes.

A long list of dungeons is there to be added in the game. The developers of this game are very much active as lots of features and they add contents repeatedly. The main agenda to create this game is to clear out the dungeons by the strong team of heroes.

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The whole game is based upon the waiting. Silently the income will reach to you as like gold and experience. you just have to continue the prosperity of your game through the increment of your AFK rewards by the dungeons. The powerful team can overthrow the enemies, well this can will bring you the opulence in your game.

Try out all the experiments

A hero is definitely called a hero for his own powerful characteristics. The hero himself resembles the source of strong powers. However, this is not enough to be the conqueror of the battle.

You can boost your attacks by putting several heroes from the same function. Yes! The more you can do this, the more you are successful to boost your game. Clicking on the icon on the top level, you can look after the activation of a boost in the battlefields. Running more units of the same faction will allow you to check additional boosts running throw the Hypogean heroes.

Try new ways to run the game

Never put your step back for the new things. Levelling up the heroes is very expensive to work to do. Many times, we come across with this when our heroes do not deliver satisfying jobs to us. Well, now you can try the other one too. The lack of forces may not let you do this. But, there is good news for all. Now.

You can level up your heroes as per the modification you want and set them back to the level one whenever you want. The whole game is on collecting the resources to form good, strong and powerful teams through the dungeons.

The Arcane Labyrinth gas 3 floors with some important rules. You do not need the top-level users, as it is a well-structured grid.

Answer the daily quests

Finishing all the quests will give you quests points. Every quests in a day will bring you the extra diamonds and hero summons. The more quests you answer will give you a large number of points. This will obviously lead to unlocking so many stuff on this game.

Use Currency resources :

Many currencies are seen in this game. There are resources like experience, Gold that you get after dealing with the quest, dungeons, and others. To level up the game, Gold is a very useful resource, but to level up the heroes Experience plays an important role. Therefore, you need to use all the currencies in a proper manner to upgrade the game level.

The who article gives you the top guidance for AFK. The more interesting it is you never need to spend extra time on this after a few days. So! Jump on this insane game and enjoy the world.

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