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Postal experience com pos – us postal service famously referred to as USPS, is that the largest postal service altogether of America. The organization also conducts surveys on https // The survey is major to assist the organization makes its services better for its customers.

If we glance at it from another angle, the postal survey also can be taken as a chance by the purchasers who have had issues with USPS services. For people like this et al. who want to offer feedback on the services of USPS, this text will assist you within the same.

PostalExperience survey

The article not only has details about the postal experience survey but also another detail about the organization, USPS itself. Some you would possibly know, some you would possibly not, but it’s always beneficial to find out about organizing like this.

ostalExperience survey at

What is the USPS Postal Experience Survey Feedback?

USPS Postal Experience Survey, which is additionally referred to as USPS Postal Experience Feedback, is an online-based feedback form developed by our postal service.

These forms are often utilized by any existing USPS customer so as to judge the service that they received from us mail representatives.

How to Take the USPS Postal Experience Survey at

Here are the steps you would like to follow if you would like to require the USPS Postal Experience Survey for customer feedback.

  • Load the official website of the USPS mail Customer Experience Questionnaire Site by clicking here. Alternatively, you’ll also load the web site by typing in within the address bar of your preferred browser.
  • When the web site loads up completely, you’ll get to first pick a language that suits you best. you’re given the choice between English and Spanish. Select your preferred language and click on on the “Next” button.
  • On the following page, examine the main points about the USPS Postal Experience Survey and click on on the “Next” button.
  • Now, enter the postal code that has been printed on the top of the receipt you received from USPS for your order.
  • After entering the postal code, you’ll be given a listing of USPS centers that are present within your given postcode. Select the situation from where you bought USPS service and click on on the “Next” button.
  • In the next screen, enter the date on which you bought the service from USPS. If you are doing not remember the precise date, you’ll inspect the receipt you received from USPS for your purchase for confirmation.
  • After entering all the above-mentioned details, you’ll then be given a group of questions that you would like to tick the solution that most accurately fits your satisfaction with the service.
  • Once you reach the top of the questionnaire, you’ll be presented with a “Thank You” message, and therefore the website will automatically redirect to a replacement page.

Once the redirect is completed, it means you’ve got successfully finished providing the Postal Experience Survey at USPS.

But before taking this https postal experience compos survey you be the customer of USPS and also need the last purchase receipt with a survey invitation so you’ll be a part of the USPS Customer Survey and may Win USPS Reward.

So if you’re already the customer of USPS or not then please attend the USPS and obtain a receipt with a survey invitation to require the USPS Listens to Customer Feedback in Survey and obtain an opportunity to win a gift.

Requirements of the survey:

  • Entrants should have the survey invitation of the U.S. mail.
  • The participants should understand English or Español.
  • The participants must be over 18 years to participate in the survey.
  • The survey will take 2-5 minutes to be completed.
  • Participants must insert the correct information and details to commence a verified entry.
  • Users must be ready to access the web site via a laptop, computer, mobile, or tablet.
  • Only the legal US residents can participate in the survey.

Restrictions of the survey:

  • Customers will face charges if they’re caught spreading wrong or falsified information.
  • The survey’s participants cannot harm the websites by any means.
  • Fraudulent activities aren’t getting to be tolerated by the survey team of Postal Experience.
  • The survey winners can’t transfer the prize/girl to anyone else.
  • The U.S. postal service Employees and their relatives cannot participate in the survey.
  • Participants living outside the US cannot participate in the survey also.
  • Fulfilling the wants of the survey would help the participants to win a prize.
  • Users can register themselves once during the survey.
  • Entrants must not share the survey inquiries to anyone, whatsoever.

Postal Experience Survey Rewards (USPS Survey 2020)

  • As a gift for your USPS customer experience survey 2020, you’ll win either a cash prize/stamp.
  • If you won the price, then a coupon is given, which you’ll redeem on your next visit to the post office.
  • The coupon must be redeemed only within the required period.
  • If you win a stamp then, you’ll collect it from the local post office.
  • You need to hold your previous purchase receipt with you, once you are visiting your post office, to enjoy your rewards.

USPS Customer Experience Survey Websites

Take the PostalExperience survey ( from the given official website of

Also, do the Postal Experience Survey Espanol here.

Important points:

  • The tracking number may be a 15 digit number which is used for referring the package.
  • Using the USPS Mobile app, you’ll easily track the package location from your device.


To better understand customer satisfaction, US postal service offers its customers to share their feedback on about its service quality and others. These feedback opinions help them to research and study about customer preferences and improve its quality standards.

We recommend you to honestly answer the questions and provides valuable feedback. Also, as an award, all the purchasers receive a coupon which may be wont to avail of certain discounts. Finally, we hope this article provides complete information regarding the USPS Customer Feedback Survey 2020.

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