Treasure quest codes 2020

Treasure quest codes: It is a known fact that most of the people prefer playing adventure games in order to enjoy the suspense and the thrill daily.

Most of the modern generation games are known to have a beautiful concept which allows people to choose a game to play on a daily basis.

It is widely recommended for people to know and understand different aspects of the game before started to play because it allows them to enjoy the maximum amount of information without compromising the Gameplay in an easy way.

Treasure Quest is one of the most popular games which are not potential in both Western and Eastern countries because of its unique and creative levels from time to time.

Most of the people prefer playing the game on a large device because it helps them to enjoy the maximum number of options offered by the game developer in an easy way. There are hundreds of cheat codes available for every game which will be released by the game developer in the initial days because it allows people to avoid losing concentration in the serious situation regularly.

Treasure quest codes

ved_dev1 Random Effect
imfeelinglucky1 Luck Potion
i<3effects1 Random Effect
tofuu1 Random Effect
sugarquestFree Levelup
yummycandy1 Gold Potion
tanqr1 XP Potion
update2Free Levelup
candyquest1 Gold Potion
newdungeon500 Coins
desertcactus500 Coins
bossanubis500 Coins
freelevelFree Levelup
anotherpotion1 Random Potion
levelupFree Levelup
update1500 Coins
anothereffect1 Random Effect
randompotion1 Random Potion
randomeffect1 Random Effect
officialrelease500 Coins
treasure500 Coins
freecoins500 Coins


It is a known fact that some of the adventure games have gained a lot of attention among younger Gamers across the world because it gives a unique feeling and joy while finishing the game easily.

It is highly recommended for people to consider using a large screen while playing Treasure Quest in because it helps them to utilize a maximum number of courts in order to progress through the game levels from time to time.


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