Subnautica Aurora codes

Subnautica Aurora codes

Subnautica is a game where the players have the ability to enter in the Aurora which is the spacecraft and the players will be arrived on the planet and will be crushed in the massive water body.

So during the time when you play this game subnautica will be exploded on the time you have to search for the certain type of equipment that is in order to repair the ship the tools such as repair tool, propulsion Cannon, radiation tool extra and believe that you will be finding the codes for which you can use this code in Aurora which will be helpful to open the locked the doors.

These tools are very important since only with the help of these tools you can open the locked doors in the Aurora ship.

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Subnautica Aurora codes

Some of the Aurora codes are

  • Cabin number 1: 1869
  • Robotics bay: 6666
  • Cargo Bay: 1454
  • Captain’s quarters: 2679
  • Lab access: 6483

These are some of the Aurora codes which is available after you receive the codes you can explore the ship and you can open the locked the doors in the ship.

Subnautica Overview

The time when you play subnautica you will be notified frequently for the status of the Aurora. The aurora which is the ship and it has the number of reasons to be landed but now you have to welcome the Aurora ship and explore it. So to open the Aurora ship there are some Aurora codes which are available in subnautica game.

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Initially, you have to wait for the engine it should be explored only then you can find the Aurora codes in subnautica. This will be happened only after when you start to play the game a few days later at which you can gain the number of points only then the engine will be explored.

Subnautica Aurora codes

The ship itself will find some spot in the Eastside which is located on the map and it will be easily spotted to the surface of the water. During the times you have to search for the radiation tools to explore the ship some of the tool items are

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Repair tool: this tool which is very useful to repair the drive room and it is very helpful for any broken doors on the Aurora ship in subnautica.

Survival knife: it is basically used to handle for killing lingering bleeders.

Propulsion Cannon: this is very much helpful for removing barriers and crates will be present in the laboratory entrances.

Laser cutter: laser cutter is helpful to enter various rooms to repair the black box terminal and the prawn suit Bay.
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If you are ready with all these tools there will be the number of doors locked in the ship and you have to explore it. So for exploring the doors, there are some codes which are available in this game so for that, you have to progress the story of the game and you have to wait for the codes. As soon when the codes have arrived you can explore the ship.

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