Shinobi story codes

Shinobi story codes: Well, the story of codes is very interesting whether it is shinobi or power simulator. Every code is different just like the games. When it is about Shinobi story, it is an online multiplayer game where you will have to fill the shoes of your own personal character in a rather broad world.

On the other hand, there are various ways for your characters in this particular world. Here characters can decide their own destiny and shape the world as they wish for it! It even uses the programs associated with BYOND known as DreamMaker and DreamSeeker for operating.

The interesting part about this game is that it has even its theme, which is based on Naruto, using many elements from the very famous series. So the theme of the shinobi story is inspired by the many series.

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Shinobi story codes

The game is very interesting as it is a role-playing game, where players have to fill the role of your character and then create various stories with your peers. This game is interesting because it has a player Vs player functionality.

There will be these three villages different from the Naruto. And the map of the game is variable, can be rearranged, renovated or stretched while live- gameplay using pre- c0ded tiles hardcoded into the game itself.  Here is the list of some shinobi story codes.

Blockof! – It gives 3 common spins (expired).

6Hunnid! – This one is active. While redeeming this code would bring 2 common bids as a reward and also $600

Bugs! – It is also active. By redeeming this code, you can earn 2 common bids as a reward and also $600

AirBender! – comes in the list of active, this code will let the user earn 1 common, 1 epic and I rare

RellGames $!  – It is also active. There will be 1 epic bid as a reward (this is so interesting and exciting)

Maru! – You can redeem this code for earning 3 common bids as a reward.

Rules of game

As the games have some rules this game too has! One player uses its code, second time the player will not be able to use. On the other hand, the player should know after using the codes they are of no use.

They can delete them. But this is the thing which player must heed their attention and that is, a player should type the codes very carefully otherwise they can have to face some issues such as the code would say; it is invalid or something like that.  You can watch step by step how to redeem code.

Although this is not difficult and it is as easy as it could be. Play your shinobi story by redeeming these beautiful codes. You will hell enjoy it Shinobi as each step will render something challenging and by using those codes, things will become easier.

But after using once you cannot expect that would work twice for you. As almost every game of Roblox has this kind of rules. Enjoy your game and play well!

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