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Roblox Thick Legends Codes

Thick Legends Codes, we’ve listed the codes shared by the sport makers of the Thick Legends game that has just been released on Roblox.

Thick Legends Codes in one updated list of Roblox Game by Blox Univers of plenty of free rewards and in-game items. But remember, codes expire, so come and check the codes list a minimum of weekly. we’ll add new codes to the highest of the list as soon as they’re published. So come whenever you would like and check if there are new codes for you to redeem. But remember, codes expire, so come and check the Thick Legends Codes list a minimum of weekly

The votes of the players who played the Thick Legends giveaway that the sport is extremely popular. the sport has been liked by 1,046 players thus far, while 345 players didn’t. it’s also necessary to mention that the sport has received 493.7K + page views and has been added to the favorites by 5,821 players.

Thick Legends Codes – the way to Redeem?

The codes button is found on the proper side of the screen, just click thereon, enter the code and click on Confirm. You can’t redeem codes immediately because there aren’t working codes, but the tactic is sort of easy.

How to play Thick Legends? Roblox Game by Blox Universe

Eat food to urge bigger than everyone else! the larger you’re, the more damage you are doing and therefore the more health you have!

Doubletap your jump button to Double Jump and find islands to unlock more food, pets, dances and more!

Latest Update:

  • New Island ‘Mushroom Oasis’
  • New 30 More Pets
  • 30 More Dances
  • New Pet Evolution Tier ‘Omega’

Thick Legends Tutorial

Use the cookie tool to realize thickness. Sell Thickness for Coins! Double-tap your jump button to Double Jump. Use the primary tool to realize Punches. Sell Punches for Coins! Go here to upgrade your Food and Fist to realize more Thickness and Punches! Travek higher to seek out new Islands! Each Island has new items, Pets, and Dances! Go here to shop for more Double Jumps in order that you’ll reach higher areas! Collect Burgers on the map! Use collected burgers to shop for Pets and Dances! Unlock new pets at each pet shop! Higher islands have rarer Pets! Pets assist you to gain tons more coins and burgers once they are equipped! Collecting coins and burgers gives pets XP. This level them up and makes them stronger! once you are dancing pets gain more XP. Different dances give higher XP boosts!

In Thick Legends Codes, levels are how of tracking how “experienced” a user is in-game. Users obtain experience points by opening cases and completing missions. When users obtain enough experience points, they level up and are rewarded with gems within the process. There are titles that are given to users once they reach a particular level.

Thick Legends Codes – during this content, we’ve listed the codes shared by the game makers of the Thick Legends game. You can find the codes within the list below and win prizes. Thick Legends Codes game was created in Roblox by the Modblox game team.

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