Pokecord commands

Pokecord Commands – Unlimited Guide

Pokecord is a super discord detailed bot which will allow you to collect the battle and trade the Pokemon. Here instead of throwing the balls, you can randomly pick the poke man channel that is participated in this discord. The image of the poke man will not easily respond quickly since it gets the first of the detailed study about the discord bot.

Pokecord Commands 2020

Pokecord commands

How to get started in this game?

Initially, the first thing you have to know theoretically by using the starter Pokemon you can easily pick the commands which will help you to display the messages when you welcome the command list.

The guide of the bot will help you to hold the placeholder between different signatures and also it will help you to replace to pick the new starter Pokemon as you wish.

Once you have completed the process you can start picking the next command that is the next level of XP to toggle and review the additional information’s.

How to gain XP points in the Pokecord comments

Gaining XP points is very easy when you increase your level in the Pokemon list that is a cost you can easily evaluate and increase the need for the game. Initially, there are two ways to gain XP such as by talking and battling a type of methods.

  • When the discord simply chats with a difference and gradually it has the capacity to gain XP by selecting the open list and also the server level will also be increased to give you a correct spamming and also gaining XP at a slower rate in which you can easily stick to the friends in a normal way.
  • The other way is battling in which you can explain it in a detailed way in which you are able to battle with your friends and the winner of the battle will receive a number of XP credits in this game.

How to select and catch the Pokemon

Selecting and catching the Pokemon level is very easier you can simply pick random Pokemon to appear into a different level to battle in the messages will be appeared in the picture to catch the perfect Pokemon list.

After catching the suitable Pokemon you will notice and you can display the starter Pokemon because it will allow you to select and determine the best Pokemon to receive a number of XP points when you type by using the battles with this you can receive the number of items in the game shop.

How to use Pokecord?

Pokecord bot can be used in the easiest way and it is one of the very familiar process of using Pokecord commands this command that varies from server to server but the overall commands remain same in all the servers.

The usage of commands is very easy here with the help of reference commands we can easily use this type of Pokecord command list with the proper name that is available in the list.

Here you have plenty of command lists for each and every description you can use the perfect command with the power you need on that particular place for your usage.


Depending upon the server you have the number of ways in changing for following the commands with the help of default Pokecordserver.

Here the number of commands that are available which will be very easy for the reference of the commands and particularly the Pokemon command is very useful to win the level of the game and easily you can begin the game with the help of Pokemon commands and let us see some of the commands here.

  • P! Start: it is the command which will help you to enter into the game before you catch the perfect man.
  • P! Help: this really helps you in many different options to find out much information and you can easily enter the command by supporting discord channel.

Starter type of commands

  • P! Detailed: by using this type of command you can pick the number of information in a useful way which will help you to process in a battle.
  • P!Order: this command will help you to order a different type of Pokemon list whichever you like in an alphabetical order

Likewise, there are different types of commands that are available in this Pokecord game. Variety ofPokecord commands can be used which will help you to win the game easily.

Discard bot game is fully programmed and here you can communicate and chat with the real-time operating partners and also you can easily train and grab them as your buddies in this gaming partners. It is one of the very interesting games and you can easily capture the battle and also you can instruct the Pokemon to raise your collections. Each and every time Pokemonlooks in your gaming server to defeat or battle the instructions and also to attain the degrees to communicate together.

Pokecord is a super detailed game which will help you to collect battle and defeat the opponent players and it is an excellent job to respond you quickly whoever received the first Pokemon. It is a very interesting game in which you can easily pick the list of Pokemon properly and additional without any type of limitations you can struggle grab the Pokemon inside.

The features are designed in a different way to receive a number of credit point’s startup level combat in this gaming. The principles also function in a different way and the information’s of the Pokemon are struggled to receive without any penalty for losing the struggle or not grabbing the Pokemon.

Different type of aggressive gameplay in which you can invite many opponent team members to the server and you can connect with the host to join them officially to win them in this game.

Theoretically speaking it is one of the very interesting games with the best standard and you can easily authenticate this gameplay by receiving the number of messages from the greater Pokemon.

In this game, it is very essential to understand the nature of the environment and you can easily study the unbalanced format to know the detailed information of the Pokemon.

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