Miners Haven Codes

Miner Haven is one of the most amazing and addictive gameplay options that are currently being used by millions of users globally. Extracting out best from it without using codes is not so easy. We are here going to inform you about the various Miners Haven Codes that will surely improve your user experience.

Miners Haven Codes latest codes

Berezina (developer of Miners Haven) provides users various codes by using various means such as Twitch streams, Twitter or even its Discord Server also. You can easily use these codes for purchasing things from shops so that to improve your base looks and to upgrade your interactions also.

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Miners Haven Codes Available

Here is the list of secret codes for you. Users are allowed to use these codes once only. In case if you redeem code before opting autosave option, on the shutting down of the server the contents will get automatically lost but the codes will still be counted as “already redeemed” ones.

Valid Codes

If you are willing to get tons of items and rewards in Miners Haven absolutely for free, here is the list of valid codes for you:

Codes $$
hyup 1 Ore Hoister
KaBOOOOM Rocket Launcher for one life on redeeming this code.
SpookySeason2 Inferno Boxes
Rthro 1 Heavenly Infuser
restoredatareceive a teleport to the Data Recovery place
Halloween20193 Unreal Boxes
HeadStart$100,000 in-game cash
communistmanifesobestmanifesto1 Spectral Box on redeeming this code
DragonThatISShockinglyLucky1 Hydra Blaster
Whats9+10? 21 Ancient Conveyors
EXOTICDAY2020 5 Exotic Boxes

Restricted Access Codes

Restricted Access Codes are usually being designed to make a safe pass through uncommon conditions. You can make use of these Miner’s Haven codes to Black Friday Artifacts. The different restricted Access Codes are:

  • Open: artefacts:  Black Friday 2015 artifacts and can be used on Black Friday 2015 game pass.
  • 2016artifacts: Black Friday 2016 artifacts and can be used on Black Friday 2016 gamepass.
  • asecretmask: 3 Luxury Boxes
  • rearti: Black Friday gamepass.
  • Rearti2:  any Black Friday gamepass.

How to redeem Miners Haven Codes?

The process of redeeming Miners Haven codes is quite easy. The only things that you have to do here are:

  • Launch Miners Haven game on your device and then navigate to the Settings button here. You can easily find it on the left side of your screen.
  • Once done, now enter your Miners Haven code in the grey box under Secret Code section,
  • Tap on the Claim section to receive your reward into your account.

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