Epic minigames codes 2020

Epic minigames codes: Completely a party game created by the typical type. This would need the players to survive or complete the task before the time limit.

The reason would let them earn 10 points which can then be spent in the in-game shop. After completing every single round, the players would be spawning into a lobby, where a new minigame is chosen after 10 seconds.

Mostly rounds are half a minute to a minute and a minute and a half long. The game has won a bloxy award from the 6th annual boxes for the best lobby, and the original lobby was replaced with a newer one late in this august 2019.

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Epic Minigames Codes 2019

Sauer: Use this code to earn Cups of tea (Effect)
TWEETTWEET: Use this code to earn a Twitter Bird (Pet)
TWEETSTWEETS: Use this code to earn a Twitter Birds (Effect)
Slurp: Use this code to earn a Slurpee (Gear)

The secret room

The game is hidden within the lobby and there is a locked door in the new lobby. This is located underground near the lighthouse and in the original lobby; the door could be found inside the mine beside the two other unlocked doors.

The secret to open this door is by finding all the 5 hats. So the player can click these 5 hats in any order and can unlock access to the secret room.

The new hat locations

The game also is about the epic minigame codes which stand on with the hat locations. For that, you can check out some great features like

  • The typical type’s former hat on a plant in the building with the leader boards.
  • Worthy shining kazoo’s skull sat on a crate near a campfire.
  • A black and white fedora behind a rock near the red slide.
  • The steel eagle’s hat under an open tent near the lighthouse.
  • A black bucket hat sitting on the dock.

The old hat locations

  • The typical type’s former hat on a counter on the 2nd floor of the lobby.
  • Wizard hat on a glass table on the 2nd floor of the other side of the lobby, right across the room you should have found the rainbow hat within.
  • The chicken hat outside of the lobby located somewhere above the shop sitting on several cartes.
  • Worthy shining kazoo’s skull hanging on a crystal in the centre of the mine.
  • Just go past the mine entrance and you are going to find a rope. So go up this rope and go to the right. Next, go all the way to the topmost part of the lobby. The tree closed to you has a mask in one of its branches. This is indeed the last hat and the epic minigames codes are going to work for this.

After you receive all the five hats, then the door should unlock and after the player steps in it would award the players with a badge. But in the original lobby, the room shows no value.

Just a simple “Easter egg’. In the new lobby, it contains an aquarium and two picture frames which when jumped into will teleport players to three other games by the typical type. Currently, there are 86 minigame but the game has had 92 minigames overall.

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