Code lyoko evolution

Code lyoko evolution

Series are grooming interest among many for its relaxing nature. But what about series like code Lyoko evolution, are they only relaxing. No, they are super entertaining and even create interest as many times as you get into it. This is a sequel series of the French animated series called Code Lyoko.

The one got premiered first on December 19, 2012, in France and then in the USA on February 28th, 2013. This is built on 26 episodes, as like the original series, it contains live-action for scenes on earth as opposed to 2D hand-drawn animation. But it also contains 3D computer animation for Lyoko.

Code lyoko evolution

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How does it differ from others

This is a unique hybrid series and that is popular on megamix.

  • The code Lyoko evolution is a new and recurring character. It is unreliable and frequently mistrusted member in the 7th number of the team.
  • Its abilities have an entirely different appearance and colour. It’s like Ulrich’s super sprint which leaves a pale blue colour trail instead of pale yellow. The elite’s strengthened creativity that has a light blue aura which is devoid of angelic, siren-like sounds that are heard.
  • In the series, Jim looks a bit different. He is not that muscular and does not have a potbelly. Even in the series, he doesn’t appear as often as like that of other series.
  • In the series, Laura creates a new love triangle between herself, Jeremie and Aelita.
  • A variety of animated shorts are used for the creation of Lyoko scenes. Indeed different 3D computer-animated software’s are used here. Even the scenes of code Lyoko evolution are more “cartoonish” when compared to the original designs used in the original series.
  • In the series, Yumi is the new weapon in addition to that there are tessen fans who is the Bo Staff.
  • The Lyoko warriors use a newly modified vehicle called the MegaPod which is used in order to travel in the dangerously ever moving Cortex.

Production code Lyoko evolution

The code Lyoko evolution uses its live-action for the scenes that are earth-based and the remaining are in CGI. About the 26th episode, it was aired on Canal J and France 4 in France.

The season is estimated with a budget of €5,600,000. The credit goes to moon scoop for developing an extensive licensing and merchandising campaign around the IP.

This includes the upcoming live show that is being left to be launched in Spain. This is being launched on YouTube and there are several videos being released showcasing various elements of the show like “evolutions” of characters, the megapod and many others.


The code Lyoko evolution has received mixed to positive to negative reviews. With the improved CGI animation being viewed by the fans, the reception is to most of the other changes were either mixed or with an outright negative. Fans have also criticized for their reviews and it’s generally seen as inferior to the original series.


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