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The base raider’s codes are designed as a basic to play the game is a base building or fighting game where you can build up a base with traps and defences to keep other people from raiding you and where you can move to someone bases to raid them. You can also be a part of larger fandom family of communities.

Base Raider's Codes

Codes are redeemable strings which can bring you an increase in the currency or objects. This can be accessed from the settings.

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Base Raider’s Codes

The codes can expire after a set of a duration of time and are found through ROBLOX ad-banners and under#codes and giveaways in the discord. The codes are not case sensitive at all.

Valid Codes

Code'sGiven Code's
10m1 Rare Crate
LOWGRAV1 low gravity boost
BASKET1 Stone Basket
amazing10,000 Base Cash
BASE10,000 Base Cash
RocketIncreased speed
YELLOW1 Banana Dropper

Invalid Codes

DISCORAID: Increased Speed
HAPPY: 2,500 Base cash.
EXTRAHEALTH: Health boost

Base BUX

This is one of the currencies of the game and the other being base cash. This being the most sought after in-game currency. This can only be obtained through the 1-1 transaction from ROBUX.

These vending machines or the rewards from crates. Base raiders is a base building or the fighting game where you can make the best out of the base with traps and defences to keep other people away from raiding and even get a chance to raid them.

Base raider boiling point

The base raider codes are a great way in which you can have a perfect adventure. The boiling point rather is an adventure for the base raiders superhero RPG a FATE system game. The alien shark warriors threaten to invade the earth from a secret portal under the ocean.

But you must find it before it gets late. This begins with an investigation of a new drug dealer. The Lukas has been selling super soldier drugs acquired from a mysterious base. For those players, characters are asked to find the base of finding Lukas. This base was the underwater home of a superhero named hot water, which disappeared over a year.

He left all the treasures trove of gadgets and a portal to another universe. It’s a race of alien shark warriors who have escaped from the portal. So far they are then trapped in the base.

But that won’t last long. The heroes will now need to find the base and stop the aliens before they get late. The boiling point mixes investigation, exploration, combat and social conflicts for a perfect blend with excitement and fun.

This can be used for the adventure for players new to the system, part of an ongoing campaign or as a kind of shot. This contains new enemies, allies, super powers, loot and many more.

The base raiders code

The base raiders mission is one of the amazing game built on own base, purchase traps to protect your base with purchase intuitive things to play around with, attack different bases, wreck different bases.

This with the base raiders code stands a great way as a significantly fun-filled game than the first form and battle recreations. Even every year the base raiders codes get a makeover and are obtained sooner online.

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