Awesomenauts Tier List

Awesomenauts Tier List

This is a list of heroes and their tiers inside of the game. Keep in mind, this is all my and the network’s speculation, and these are not necessarily, nor authoritatively their corresponsive tiers. The spot of the heroes will be controlled by how frequently they dominate in a game, how easy their kills are, the means by which well they coordinate against different heroes, and stat/skill-based finding.

In the event that a version changes stat and additionally skill rates, the heroes their ability may change, and on the off chance that they do, their place in the tiers will change in like manner.

Awesomenauts Tier – 1 List

Chew: First of all, this list will be about what wins you the game, and not who’s piling on the most kills, because of two reasons, which I’ll get back on. Alright, Gnaw can adequately push using each of the three of his abilities. He can use his weedlings for backline towers, so his turrets don’t get pushed excessively hard, and he can use his corrosive spit for easy DoT on creep waves.

Awesomenauts Tier List

Coco: This is about the best zoner in the game. You don’t chase her, that is stupid, and at the same time, you’re never safe from her. She has extraordinary portability thanks to her burst and can be wherever on the guide.

Voltar: My feeling on Voltar hasn’t changed a piece. He still wins the game by his self essentially. In spite of the fact that he probably won’t slaughter you early game, you can’t 1v1 him either, thanks to his recuperating bot.

He has incredible potential harm with his suicide drones, and it helps him push significantly faster on the off chance that he didn’t push hard enough as of now with his mending bot.

Lonestar: He is still perhaps the strongest pusher, and my sentiment on him has not changed by any stretch of the imagination, just like Voltar. Lonestar doesn’t get easy kills, he just pushes your towers to a mash of nothing. He does do a huge amount of harm very close, so no easy murder on him, especially on the off chance that he still has his bull available.

Role Tiering

  • Pusher: Lonestar, Cat Derpl, Voltar, Genji, Raelynn.
  • Initiator: Skølldir, Froggy G, Genji, Clunk.
  • Harasser: Coco, Raelynn, Vinnie.
  • Assasin: Vinnie, Leon, Froggy G, Raelynn.
  • Sniper: Raelynn, Coco.
  • Brawler: Skølldir, Ayla, Froggy G.
  • Defensive/Area Denial: Gnaw, Siege Derpl, Voltar.
  • Support: Genji, Voltar, Yuri.
  • Disruptor: Skølldir, Yuri, Coco, Clunk, Raelynn.

Derpy: I moved Derpl up the ranks because I didn’t understand how strong his pushing capacity STILL is. Siege Derpl can harass the pinnacle from a safe distance, and grab hold of points like no other.

Gun shelling also seems to work fairly, yet this wouldn’t be such an issue if there were better group compositions, since group fights wouldn’t be a cluster of individuals attempting to hurt one another.

Older Version

  • Tier 1: Froggy G, Derpl (Sniper Cat), Voltar.
  • Tier 2: Gnaw (Aggressive), Leon (Decoy Leon), Gnaw, Lonestar, Clunk, Coco, Leon, Derpl, Yuri.

PLEASE let me know! In the event that there’s anything I can do to make the list progressively precise, I will go hard and fast on it. You can either message me through the comments or let me know on Steam. I will put my Steam name somewhere on the base.

I won’t contend with things I unmistakably see are broken, yet in the event that your contention sounds something like “A Froggy G in my group was doing downright awful“, or “Fella, this Gnaw was kicking our asses”, I won’t converse with you about it, because arguments like that won’t suffice.

I would consider him almost a Tier 1, wasn’t it for the way that his cooldowns are somewhat high. I’m not going to contrast him with Voltar, because Yuri and have totally extraordinary playstyles.

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