Original Rice Purity Test Online

Rice purity test is famous for testing the purity related to sex, drugs, confronts with the law and other playful activities.

It has a scale from 0 to 100 which measures one’s innocence or impurity with the help of this test.  However, this word is often used in the sexual contest but this does not mean to sexuality. This rice purity test has been done so many surveys there are some popular from the boxes of this test.

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Rice Purity Test Online 

Officially it will ask a hundred questions with official tag, originally it has originated in the rice university, Houston, Texas. Students take this test to have an account of the level of purity.

Although it depends on the person what is his or her motto of taking this test because for teenagers it is completely fun and enjoyment. They enjoy all the questions which come under rice Purity test.  There will be these types of questions

  • Have you ever kissed a relative penis?
  • Have you ever held hands romantically?
  • Have you ever discovered on the neck?
  • Have you ever tried a French kiss?
  • Perhaps you have been to date?
  • Have you ever been caught masturbating?
  • Have you ever kissed for more than two hours consecutively?
  • Have you ever used a sex toy with a partner?
  • Have you ever travelled a hundred or more miles for the primary purpose of sexual intercourse?
  • Did you ever commit the act of vandalism?

So while answering these rice purity test questions you will get to know how innocent are you? This test is quite famous among students of college or even school goers.

They all are keen to know such experiments so these questions interest to them. Plus it also gives them a chance to know more about even their friends. With every answer, it let you score high and measure your naughtiness. But if someone does not score well in rice purity test then still they can rectify their score.

Say no to crime

Yeah, this is necessary for all the teenagers or adults. Because their surrounding will force them to commit those crimes but you will really have to learn to say no to so many things. Just to score high or look cool you cannot opt this way.

Develop respect for every creature you meet

At the supple age, all need to develop these habits because they tend to misunderstand everything with the word cool! Cool should be attitude not just sounding cool. So this will also help them score high and makes yourself proving as pure.

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Now, this is mandatory to clear that this rice purity test is to just to know how teenagers are taking part in their tender age. How they are enjoying the learning phase of their life. It is really good to participate in experiments things but makes study priority and practice your priority each day and learn to respect yourself and others as well as. Even learn from rice purity test.

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